de Wette, Vatke, and Wellhausen

Key to the formation of the modern academic field of Biblical Studies are the machinations of nineteenth century liberal German Protestants (as I’ve recently touched on in these posts: Roots of Theological Anti-Semitism, Roots of Theological Anti-Semitism: Semler, Pasto, Who Owns the Jewish Past?, De Wette, Devolution, and Deuteronomy, and More of de Wette’s Charm),Continue reading “de Wette, Vatke, and Wellhausen”

More of de Wette’s charm

Because my last post on de Wette was so interesting to some, I thought I’d post some more of his ideas and comment upon them. The point here is to demonstrate that, if anything, de Wette’s proposals were not critical in the true sense, that is, demonstrative of rational discernment, but are rather the resultContinue reading “More of de Wette’s charm”

de Wette, Devolution, and Deuteronomy

Wilhelm Martin Leberecht de Wette (1780-1849) is generally considered the founding father of modern critical Biblical Studies. Specifically, he was the first to develop and apply a philosophically-based method to the Biblical texts, rather than relying upon religiously-influenced or -established commonplaces or traditions. This does not, however, mean that his own method was devoid ofContinue reading “de Wette, Devolution, and Deuteronomy”

Pasto, Who Owns the Jewish Past?

The basic argument of this work is straightforward: Jewish history, as represented in western Biblical scholarship, is a Christian invention. Or rather, it is what I will call a Christian sacralizing history. I will explain what I mean by the term “Christian” below. By “sacralizing history” I mean any representation of the past that servesContinue reading “Pasto, Who Owns the Jewish Past?”

Apocalyptic Thought in Early Christianity

I have been waiting for this book for about a year, and finally have it, since it was just released. Apocalyptic Thought in Early Christianity, edited by Robert J. Daly SJ (Baker, 2009). Professor Daly is the chair of The Stephen and Catherine Pappas Patristic Institute of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology inContinue reading “Apocalyptic Thought in Early Christianity”

Roots of Theological Anti-Semitism: Semler

As my reading of Anders Gerdmar’s excellent Roots of Theological Anti-Semitism progresses, I’ll occasionally be posting some little excerpts with my thoughts. Here is the first of such, discussing some of the ideas of Johann Salomo Semler (1725-1791): Semler dichotomises universalism and particularism, where the negative, particularism, is characteristic of the Jews. Overall, Semler takesContinue reading “Roots of Theological Anti-Semitism: Semler”

New Septuagint Lexicon

Excellent news for students of the Septuagint! Takamitsu Muraoka has completed and published his A Greek-English Lexicon to the Septuagint. This edition covers the entire Septuagint, thus superseding the previous two partial editions. It utilizes the text of the Göttingen Septuaginta where present, and the Rahlfs text otherwise. Reading the information on that page, itContinue reading “New Septuagint Lexicon”