I am Kevin P. Edgecomb, BA University of California at Berkeley, MDiv Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, MPhil University of Oxford. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be adding PhD or DPhil to that list.

Many things have happened since my beginning to write this blog, not least of which has been a long, though not entirely intentional, hiatus (2012 to 2018!). Over the course of that time, my perspective and interests have, of course, experienced a number of changes.

My primary interest is textual criticism, particularly in the Greek Old Testament, with a special focus on the books of Kingdoms (Samuel and Kings), and the fascinating interrelationship of its Old Greek, Kaige, and Lucianic texts. Some aspect of that relationship will be the focus of my doctoral (and ongoing) research.

Thank you for visiting bombaxo and biblicalia

About the name “bombaxo”

One thing I’ll tell you is where to find the origin of my domain name bombaxo:
Line 45 of Aristophanes’ Thesmophoriazusae. “Bombax!” is an exclamation used by a very funny character, Euripides’ father-in-law Mnesilochos. In line 48, he elaborates it to “bombalombax.” What does it mean? You’d have to ask Mnesilochos….