Out of the mouths of … former vampire novelists

As you did your research, what was your impression of modern biblical scholarship? As I plunged into modern Bible scholarship, I assumed the skeptics would be right, but I soon discovered that their “late date” theories of gospel creation were flimsy, full of assumptions, and that a dislike of Jesus ran through many of theirContinue reading “Out of the mouths of … former vampire novelists”

Jews, Julian, Judaizers, John

[T]he expectation of a restoration of Jerusalem also generated a wave of eschatological fervor among judaizing Christians toward the end of the fourth century. The importance of the city and the temple for judaizing Christians during this period can be seen in the interpretation of prophetic texts that speak of the return of the JewsContinue reading “Jews, Julian, Judaizers, John”

Contra thematic and overly confident historiography

[T]he reader will doubtless ask why the writer chose to present this history chronologically rather than thematically. The answer is that I believe the first task of the historian to be the recovery of order and sequence. An interpretive essay may follow, but at the outset of a new inquiry, one needs to find outContinue reading “Contra thematic and overly confident historiography”

Deuterosis in Didascalia Apostolorum II

Continuing from here, a presentation of R. Hugh Connolly’s material on deuterosis from the introduction to his translation of the Didascalia Apostolorum, pp lxii-lxix I do not think this is too strong a statement of the case. And yet it is probably that some allowance is to be made for the practical issues with whichContinue reading “Deuterosis in Didascalia Apostolorum II”

Deuterosis in Didascalia Apostolorum I

The following is a section from the Introduction by R. Hugh Connolly in his Didascalia Apostolorum: The Syriac Version Translated and Accompanied by the Verona Latin Fragments (Oxford, 1929), pp lvii-lxii. I have previously posted the full text of Connolly’s translation of the Syriac here. This selection from the introduction covers in particular the unusualContinue reading “Deuterosis in Didascalia Apostolorum I”