Waiting for the Typhoon

A middle-class district. The hammers tapping All day, and all the radios talking of so many Metres per second, and all the aerials flapping. Cans and candles have vanished from the shops. The price of timber, for boarding the windows, Has gone up and up. The tapping never stops. The worst since—when was it? OhContinue reading “Waiting for the Typhoon”

A Jewish Family

(In a small valley opposite St. Goar, upon the Rhine) Genius of Raphael! if thy wings      Might bear thee to this glen, With faithful memory left of things      To pencil dear and pen, Thou wouldst forego the neighbouring Rhine,      And all his majesty— A studious forehead to incline      O’er this poor family. The Mother—her thouContinue reading “A Jewish Family”


Sweet Peace, where dost thou dwell? I humbly crave,                Let me once know.           I sought thee in a secret cave,           And ask’d, if Peace were there. A hollow wind did seem to answer, No:                Go seek elsewhere. I did; and going did a rainbow note:                Surely, thought I,           This is the lace of Peace’s coat:Continue reading “Peace”