These vespers of another year

The sylvan slopes with corn-clad fields Are hung, as if with golden shields, Bright trophies of the sun! Like a fair sister of the sky, Unruffled doth the blue lake lie, The mountains looking on. And, sooth to say, yon vocal grove, Albeit uninspired by love, By love untaught to ring, May well afford toContinue reading “These vespers of another year”

A Valediction: of Weeping

          Let me powre forth My teares before thy face, whil’st I stay here, For thy face coines them, and thy stampe they beare, And by this Mintage they are something worth,           For thus they bee           Pregnant of thee; Fruits of much grief they are, emblemes of more, When a teare falls, that thou falls whichContinue reading “A Valediction: of Weeping”

The Greatest of these is Charity

A moon impoverished amid stars curtailed,       A sun of its exuberant lustre shorn,       A transient morning that is scarcely morn, A lingering night in double dimness veiled.— Our hands are slackened and our strength has failed;       We born to darkness, wherefore were we born?       No ripening more for olive, grape, or corn ; Faith faints,Continue reading “The Greatest of these is Charity”