Victorinus Complete

Well, that was fun!

I’ve created a page to hold the complete translation of Victorinus. I’ll be adding a short introduction and notes which will include Biblical references, the translation variants that are currently in the text, and perhaps commentary on a few tricky passages. I’ve also kept a short list of renderings that I’ve been unhappy with, so even the translation itself will likely change in a few places over the course of the next few days.

The web page is now to be considered the “official” version, and I won’t be updating the individually posted chapters unless I find some errors. I will, however, be adding to each of those posts a link to the web page, which is the most efficient way of making sure that folks find their way there to the complete work. Enjoy!


  1. You’re a hero! I saw in Quasten that the full text had been discovered, but never translated; and I felt a yearning towards it, but would never have got to it.

    Well done!

    Roger Pearse

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