International Septuagint Day!

On the LXX list, Bob Kraft reminds us (once and twice) that today is International Septuagint Day!

To quote the inestimably esteemed Professor Kraft: “Do something septuagintal today, from a septuaginarian.”

The date was established last year by the IOSCS in 2006, reflecting, as Kraft says, “the one date we know of from late antiquity on which LXX/OG/Aquila received special attention (in Justinian’s Novella 146).” This novella (or imperial rescript or command) permitted the Jews of the empire (which now included much of the just-recovered west) to read the Scriptures in their synagogues in Greek, Latin, or any language they choose. Previous laws had restricted their public readings to Hebrew. This novella was published 8 February 553 AD.


  1. We are actually translating the entire Septuagint, including apocrypha, into Ukrainian! This is a project of the Ukrainian Bible Society. Genesis, Exodus, Proverbs and Psalms are done, and Leviticus is where we are now.

    The New Testament is also done but is being re-checked for accuracy. When it comes out later this year it will be the most accurate and understandable New Testament available to 20 million people.

    If you’re at all interested, please go to my website,

    Prof. Roger Kovaciny (ret.)
    Founder, St. Sophia Seminary
    Ternopil, Ukraine

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