Future Plans

I have been accepted for admission to Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, where I intend, if I am deemed worthy, to enter the seminary program.


  1. Kevin,

    That’s definitely exciting news—do you know what your specialization will be? Will it involve you ever finishing your work on the Ethiopian canon?


  2. Greetings Kevin,

    Should I say and pile in, Congratulations too!
    You might want to apply to The Pappas Patristic Institute Summer Program, under the direction of Prof.[ Dr.] Beck.Applications are available on line through Holy Cross and/or the Pappas Institute, next program of study is scheduled for this July. I’m tempted. Any questions give me a shout at my gmail provided below. I am glad to have caught up with you. It is an excellent program and will serve as a good prelude to your Theological Studies. Regarding the book discussions on FR. Alexis Trader and Aaron Becks’ Cognitive Therapy, I am all hears and would love to have a copy,but it is very expensive; anyone care to make a donation would be greatly appreciated-I used that therapeutic method in my therapy practice-so I am particularly interested in knowing his take on this subject. As regards to his previous book, I thought it was excellently done. All the best. Thomas

  3. Congrats Kevin. I’ve been meaning to email you for an update regarding your seminary musings. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

  4. Congratulations, and many blessings. I too hope you will continue your public blog/writing, at least occasionally.


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