A match made for heaven

The “match made for heaven” is a set of the Daily Commemoration Cards from Holy Transfiguration Monastery in a Sassafras Wood Recipe Box from Smith’s Fine Woods Products.

Mrs Smith tells me that Mr Smith bought the sassafras (as fun a word to type as it is to say!) wood in 1970, and he made only 16 boxes, and will never make any more. One of these rare boxes is now sitting here in Berkeley with my set of commemoration cards in it! It’s a beautiful wood, darker than oak but similar grain-wise, at least to my untrained eye. Mr Smith said he is proud that his box is holding my commemoration cards. Isn’t that just the coolest? Everyone is happy!

Smith’s Fine Wood Products has many beautiful things available. I’m sure I’ll be buying some more of their beautiful things in the future.


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