The Sons of Hadad

In two previous posts, I presented the most useful Biblical information regarding the kings of ancient Damascus (Rulers of Aram-Damascus), and then the relevant Assyrian evidence for these kings (Assyria and Aram-Damascus). In this installment, I’ll touch briefly on the current Old Aramaic evidence, present several other writers’ syntheses, and finally present my own suggestionContinue reading “The Sons of Hadad”

Assyria and Aram-Damascus

In the first installment dealing with the rulers of Aram-Damascus, I summarized the Biblical information. This one will present a summary of the mention of these rulers in Assyrian texts. It should be noted that information from the Assyrian texts was already secondarily involved in that is has played a major part in the datingContinue reading “Assyria and Aram-Damascus”

Rulers of Aram-Damascus

I recently read Wayne Pitard’s fascinating book Ancient Damascus: A Historical Study of the Syrian City-State from Earliest Times until its Fall to the Assyrians in 732 B.C.E. (Eisenbrauns, 1987). It’s great to have such a handy guide to the history of this city. Of course, most of the history is that which is gleanedContinue reading “Rulers of Aram-Damascus”

The Enlightener of Ireland

Ego Patricius peccator rusticissimus Et minimus omnium fidelium Et contemptibilissimus apud plurimos patrem habui Calpornium diaconum filium quendam Potiti presbyteri qui fuit vico Bannaventa Berniae Villam enim prope habuit ubi ego capturam dedi Annorum eram tunc fere sedecim Deum enim verum ignorabam et Hiberione in captivitate adductus sum I, Patrick, a sinner, most ignorant andContinue reading “The Enlightener of Ireland”

The Thread of Life

                    1 The irresponsive silence of the land,      The irresponsive silence of the sea,      Speak both one message of sense to me:— ‘Aloof, aloof, we stand aloof; so stand Thou too aloof bound with the flawless band      Of inner solitude; we bind not thee;      But who from thy self-chain shall set thee free? What heart shallContinue reading “The Thread of Life”

Sayings of the Fathers: Arsenios (3)

32. Abba Arsenios was once dwelling in the lower parts [of Egypt], and being crowded there, he decided to leave the cell. So without taking anything from it, he walked from there to his disciples in Pharan, Alexander and Zoïlos. And he said to Alexander, Get up and sail upriver. And he did so. AndContinue reading “Sayings of the Fathers: Arsenios (3)”

Sayings of the Fathers: Arsenios (2)

22. Abba Markos asked Abba Arsenios, saying, Is it good for someone not to have a comfort (παρακλησιν) in his cell? For I know such a brother who had a small herb garden, and he uprooted it. And Abba Arsenios said, Indeed it is good, but according to the maturity of the man. For ifContinue reading “Sayings of the Fathers: Arsenios (2)”