News and Progress

I have left this blog in abeyance for far too long. I always enjoyed blogging, but then, all unwelcome, circumstances distracted me from this pleasure. I neither require nor desire a pity party. I’m simply jumping back in.

Things change, as do people. I removed a number of posts that, in light of that change, I came to find distasteful, and certainly not representative of myself. I regret that some of these also had comments from others; however, it could not be helped. I had always thought I upheld the ideal that one ought never to post online anything that one should come to regret. Well. So. There we are.

In any case, the game is afoot. I am preparing a number of things for posting. My longtime fascination with lectionaries has revived. The earliest form of my website dates to well over twenty years ago, at which time I began sharing my collection and systematization of various, especially ancient, lectionaries, all for the love of it. Right now, I am on a Revised Common Lectionary kick. It has a fascinating history, though some, I find, seem to think of it as something of a stop-gap, an also-ran, or a boring uncle. It is none of these things. Various other lectionaries, somewhat tangential to the RCL itself yet related, will also appear soon. I will also continue with lectionaries from the ancient churches in the east, particularly the Coptic and Ethiopian, which both require some work before they are presentable.

There are other subjects to be touched upon, of course, and I will do so. For the moment, over the past week or so, I have been dealing with lost and corrupted files, and simply getting this website functioning again after a hiatus of unknown duration. I assure you, gentle reader, that more is coming soon, and (hopefully), that flood shall not abate.

Some off the cuff listing of subjects to appear is in order: Hebrew Bible/Septuagint textual criticism, general biblical studies with relation to the ancient near east, helpful hints to students of several languages, some translations, some lectionaries and comments upon their histories, various thoughts on the biblical canon and its relation to apocrypha and pseudepigrapha (and why those terms are so problematic), more poetry (sometimes with commentary, which I have already added to some posts), likely some short book reviews, perhaps some of my drawings, some overviews of the literary development of various writings (biblical and not), certainly some esoterica but certainly no theobabble, and, oh, whatever catches my fancy. Fun and puzzling and interesting and very human things are coming here, truly.

I will leave you, for the moment, with some advice:

Burn bright, Tyger Tyger!

Hello again!

After a long hiatus of busyness and ennui, I recommence blogging.  The first step was moving to a new hosting service.

I’ll no longer be writing on particularly religious subjects.

I will, however, continue to write on the Bible and associated literature and subjects.  An especial interest of mine is textual criticism and the interplay of the Hebrew Bible and Greek recensions, so this subject will become more prominent.  Other relatively new writing here will reflect interest in ancient writings in their narrative dimensions

There is also a body of general literature that I continue to appreciate and on which I will post, some names of interest being: Samuel Johnson, Eric Ormsby, Zbignieuw Herbert, Paul Valéry, Guy Davenport, and Michel de Montaigne. Poets, essayists, dramatists, and others are all of interest, as well as subjects of other times and other climes.

I am toying with the idea of doing some housecleaning here on the blog, archiving posts on subjects that no longer interest me and which I find distracting, if not apalling.

I’ll be working through the fine-tuning of the blog in order to repair broken links to images and such.

I apologize for a very long absence.

Apologies and Plans

I apologize to you, readers, for not having been updating this blog for quite some time, and for even neglecting email responses. It was a surprisingly busy first semester of seminary, with more extracurricular busyness than expected. Though it’s been a wonderful experience, it’s time to get back to the grindstone and stop neglecting responsibilities. I believe this is where I kiss all free time goodbye, essentially. So there, watch it fly away, with a little tear in its eye for an old friend now lost to it….

So! Because writing is something that I’ll be doing for the forseeable future, I intend to be posting something at least once a day, whether long or short, whether of my own concoction, or parroting what others have written, or some combination of the two. The intellectual life, after a certain level, is a conversation, one held between oneself and those whom one is reading and digesting. The act of internalization involves a certain diplomacy, a dance of acceptance and rejection, of amelioration and emphasis, by which one transforms information into learning, learning into intelligence, and intelligence into wisdom. It’s an activity, not a passivity, reading, if properly done. I intend to pull out all the stops, not pull punches, realize potential, whatever your favorite cliché is, et cetera. It should be an interesting thing.

So there we go. Stay tuned, as they say.

Page reformatting complete

Today I finished reformatting and entering all my web pages into the menu system here on biblicalia. All my files and such that were available on bombaxo are now available through the menus above. No more “Coming soon!” when you click on one of those! In the course of the transfer, I did quite a bit of editing, so a number of pages have more or less substantial changes. The last thing to do will be to implement redirection from the old pages to the new ones, so that I won’t have people going to the old ones anymore. I’m not maintaining those. So many of them predate css that it was a major chore to strip out all the formatting that I’d put in there.

In addition to the reformatting of the pages for the blog, I’ve also been working on css styles for mobile readers. It’s actually quite fun. And since the mobile css files are separate from the ones for regular/desktop readers, I can implement whatever is most legible and looks best in each set. Nice! I’ll keep playing with that until I’m happy.

So, that’s fun!


Over the course of the next few days, you’ll be able to watch as I transform the Twenty Ten WordPress theme into something closer to my old biblicalia theme.

It’s about time for a little change around here. It’ll also be good to take advantage of some newer features.

Thanks for all your patience, readers, in my recent lack of posting, as well. I’ll be posting some interesting things soon!


I apologize for a drastically slowed pace of posting here.

I’m spending time this holiday working on a comprehensive citation index to Charlesworth’s Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, volume 1 and volume 2, now in the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library. This is one of two books I’m working on for publication, with Charlesworth as co-author. The other is a complete concordance to the translations included in the two volumes of the OTP. This is taking an extraordinary amount of time because I have been doing it properly: checking every citation for accuracy. I’ve been working on this index for over two years now, but I I’m finally in the home stretch.

I’ve forty handwritten pages of corrections to citations in the two volumes so far (and I’ve got about half the second volume still to go), have filled one Blueline quadrille notebook (highly recommended) completely with citations from the footnotes, have started another, and have marked up a printed copy of my OTP index of citations that I used to have available from my website (which itself was full of all the errors found in the printed volumes, with bonus errors from my own typing mistakes). I still face typing all this stuff up. It’s faster writing the notes initially, though, believe me. I’ll do the typing, and I or someone else will do the proofreading.

I’m excited to be nearly done with this. I feel guilty whenever I read a book because I haven’t finished this! And I still have to knuckle down and do the scanning and proofing of all the translation texts. That’s not as daunting, though, or as time consuming. Once the scanning is done, I’ll be able to do the proofing anywhere, with a printout of the scans and the disassembled pages from the copy of the books that I’m using for scanning. I could even do it in a pub! Or a café! How exciting.

So, maybe I’ll be posting some few things over the next few weeks, but it won’t be much.

Incoming Links

Right now, Google Blog Search and Technorati Links show absolutely no links to my blog at all. Nice. It’s not that no one has linked, because I just happened to see a few before they disappeared.

So, I’m sorry if I’m missing something that someone has posted in interaction with anything I’ve posted here. I’m not ignoring you. I’m just not receiving any notices through the increasingly useless Incoming Links widget.