Road to Emmaus Journal Needs Your Help

The Road to Emmaus journal is extraordinary. Of all the Orthodox journals and magazines that I’ve run across, this one is by far the best for Anglophone Orthodox. It is subtitled “A Journal of Orthodox Faith and Culture” and it is precisely that: each issue generally follows a theme, whether broad or tight, including several lengthy articles touching on the subject matter at hand. What is extraordinary is the quality not only of the writing, but the choice of subject matter. Every issue is enlightening, and never disappointing.

The website for Road to Emmaus includes articles from at latest about a year and a half ago and earlier. More recent issues are available only in print. So, while there are a number of excellent things to read on the website available gratis, more current issues will only be posted after they’re about a year and more old. But this also brings to mind the necessity of contributing toward the production of the journal.

I am now at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, studying in the MDiv program. It is with great joy that I discovered that Mother Nectaria Mclees, the International Editor for Road to Emmaus, is a fellow student, and we have met and “hit it off” so to speak. But she has told me that the financial state of Road to Emmaus is quite dire at the moment. More than 500 subscribers have let their subscriptions lapse in the last six months (as I had done) and have not renewed. This jeopardizes the existence of the journal itself. So, please, please, please, SUBSCRIBE (one year is merely $25; two years is $46), or give a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION, or even just DONATE something to the cause of keeping this excellent, high-quality Orthodox publication in circulation. It is vastly superior to other Orthodox journals in English, in its quality of subject matter, its production, and in the phronema that it relates. Without more support from a number of subscribers, the journal will certainly cease publication.

I myself, a poor graduate student (I am still becoming accustomed to this new state of being!), have ponied up $46 for a two-year subscription, which is economical and inexpensive for the insights gained from a single issue. The price of $25 or $46 is a steal for such a quality publication! The thought of English-speaking Orthodox losing this journal is quite upsetting. I trust that other readers who appreciate the journal will renew their subscriptions, start up new subscriptions, or at the very least, donate some amount to the upkeep of the journal. Consider this an open hand needing to be filled! Open your own hand to fill it, and you’ll receive the blessing.

Do not let your hand be stretched out to receive, but closed when it is time to give
(Sirach 4.31)