Where else are they?

St Clement of Rome: Basilica of St Clement, Rome
St Polycarp of Smyrna: Basilica of St Polycarp, Izmir, Turkey
St Justin Martyr: Capuchin Church of St Mary of the Conception, Rome
St Irenaeus of Lyons: Church of St Irenaeus, Lyon (relics destroyed by Protestants)
St Cyprian of Carthage: Abbaye Saint Corneille, Compeigne, France
St Athanasius the Great: St Mark’s Cathedral, Cairo
St Nicholas of Myra: Basilica of St Nicholas, Bari, Italy
St Basil the Great: Great Lavra, Mount Athos (his skull)
St Gregory Nazianzen: Church of St George in the Phanar, Constantinople
St Gregory Nyssa: Basilica of St Peter, Vatican City
St Ephrem the Syrian: somewhere in Sanliurfa, Turkey (location lost)
St John Chrysostom: Church of St George in the Phanar, Constantinople
St Maximus the Confessor: formerly in Constantinople, now lost (?)
St John of the Ladder: Monastery of St Catherine, Sinai
St John of Damascus: formerly in St Saba Monastery near Jerusalem, apparently his relics were taken to Moscow in the 19th century