Where else are they?

St Clement of Rome: Basilica of St Clement, Rome St Polycarp of Smyrna: Basilica of St Polycarp, Izmir, Turkey St Justin Martyr: Capuchin Church of St Mary of the Conception, Rome St Irenaeus of Lyons: Church of St Irenaeus, Lyon (relics destroyed by Protestants) St Cyprian of Carthage: Abbaye Saint Corneille, Compeigne, France St AthanasiusContinue reading “Where else are they?”

Where are they now?

Places where the largest collection of relics of the Twelve and various Saints reside: St Peter: Basilica of St Peter, Vatican City St Andrew: Cathedral of St Andrew, Amalfi, Italy St James, son of Zebedee: Santiago de Compostela (“Holy Jacob of the Field of Stars”) St John: Cathedral of St John, Ephesus (ruined, but bodyContinue reading “Where are they now?”

Psalms post/superscripts

The superscripts or titles of the Psalms in the Old Testament have always been quite a puzzling thing. The differences in text between the Masoretic and Septuagintal traditions notwithstanding, the meanings of individual words and phrases continue to elude us, and suggestions for their meanings appear to still be as numerous as the commentators thereon.Continue reading “Psalms post/superscripts”