Great is My Name among the nations

(1.1) The oracle of THE LORD to Israel by the hand of Malachi.

(1.2) I have loved you, said THE LORD, and you say, In what way have you loved us? Is not Esau a brother to Jacob?—the prophecy of THE LORD—but I have loved Jacob,

(1.3) and Esau I have hated. I have made his mountains a desolation, and his inheritance for the jackals of the wilderness.

(1.4) For Edom will say, We were trampled, but we will return, and we will build the ruins. Thus has said THE LORD of Hosts, They will build, and I myself will destroy, and they will call them Territory of Wickedness and The People With Whom the Lord is Angry Forever.

(1.5) And your eyes will see, and you will say, The Lord will be great over the border of Israel.

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