Great Horologion List of Saints

One of the first books that I bought on my path to conversion to the Orthodox Church was Holy Transfiguration Monastery’s beautifully bound edition of The Great Horologion. This is essentially a Book of Hours designed for use at monastic services. I primarily bought it for the numerous lives of saints included in the volume.Continue reading “Great Horologion List of Saints”

Ephrem the Syrian on the Scriptures

The basic structure of Ephrem’s understanding of the interpretation of Scripture may be summarized along the following lines. Scripture possesses two kinds of meaning, the outer historical meaning, and the inner spiritual meaning, ‘the hidden power’ as Ephrem sometimes calls it. These two coexist as intimately as do the humanity and divinity in the incarnateContinue reading “Ephrem the Syrian on the Scriptures”

Jerome on Forcing the Scriptures

These instances have been just touched upon by me (the limits of a letter forbid a more discursive treatment of them) to convince you that in the Holy Scriptures you can make no progress unless you have a guide to show you the way. I say nothing of the knowledge of grammarians, rhetoricians, philosophers, geometricians,Continue reading “Jerome on Forcing the Scriptures”

Popular Patristics Series

I’ve briefly mentioned the Popular Patristics Series published by Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press before. My appreciation of the volumes has only grown since then, as I’ve managed to pick up the entire series. In this post, I provide a list of the works included in each volume, and the texts utilized in their translations, andContinue reading “Popular Patristics Series”

Saint Isaac the Syrian: Works

I am now the very happy owner of a copy of The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian published by Holy Transfiguration Monastery in 1984. It’s long been out of print and the price for a copy is now generally outrageously high. But several years of patience paid off, and I obtained a copyContinue reading “Saint Isaac the Syrian: Works”