My apologies again, everyone. I realized that my import of the correctly formatted unicode-compliant XML backup of my blog entries, comments, etc, actually created new page addresses so that all links to my pages were broken. How rude! So, I’ve reloaded a database copy with the right numbers (fortunately I’ve kept them), and will dealContinue reading “Ugh”


(Wow, is this thing actually working? Hello?) Okay. Welcome, reader, to my brand new blog, biblicalia. You might be able to tell from its name that the primary subject will be Biblical Studies (biblica), and other stuff (alia), including, but not limited to, Classics, Poetry, Patristics, Assyriology, Judaica, Early Christian Studies, Apocalypticism, Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, generalContinue reading “Beginnings”