Winter Reading List

Three Andrew Louth books:
Discerning the Mystery: An Essay on the Nature of Theology
St John Damascene: Tradition and Originality in Byzantine Theology
The Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition: From Plato to Denys

Two Eric Ormsby books:
Time’s Covenant: Selected Poems
Facsimiles of Time: Essays on Poetry and Translation

Several partridges, each in his pear tree:
C. S. Lewis, The Allegory of Love
Alessandro Scafi, Mapping Paradise: A History of Heaven on Earth
Stephen Shoemaker, Ancient Traditions of the Virgin Mary’s Dormition and Assumption
Karel van der Toorn, Scribal Culture and the Making of the Hebrew Bible

Waiting for a dark and stormy night, two by Russell Kirk:
Old House of Fear
Ancestral Shadows: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales

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