Where else are they?

St Clement of Rome: Basilica of St Clement, Rome
St Polycarp of Smyrna: Basilica of St Polycarp, Izmir, Turkey
St Justin Martyr: Capuchin Church of St Mary of the Conception, Rome
St Irenaeus of Lyons: Church of St Irenaeus, Lyon (relics destroyed by Protestants)
St Cyprian of Carthage: Abbaye Saint Corneille, Compeigne, France
St Athanasius the Great: St Mark’s Cathedral, Cairo
St Nicholas of Myra: Basilica of St Nicholas, Bari, Italy
St Basil the Great: Great Lavra, Mount Athos (his skull)
St Gregory Nazianzen: Church of St George in the Phanar, Constantinople
St Gregory Nyssa: Basilica of St Peter, Vatican City
St Ephrem the Syrian: somewhere in Sanliurfa, Turkey (location lost)
St John Chrysostom: Church of St George in the Phanar, Constantinople
St Maximus the Confessor: formerly in Constantinople, now lost (?)
St John of the Ladder: Monastery of St Catherine, Sinai
St John of Damascus: formerly in St Saba Monastery near Jerusalem, apparently his relics were taken to Moscow in the 19th century


  1. I’m enjoying these “where are they now” posts… I’ve just begun reading the apostolic fathers so this helps them take on a greater sense of reality. I actually started reading Polycarp’s letter to the Philippians just this morning! Thanks for taking the time to post this, peace. -Tom

  2. You’re very welcome, Tom. I’m enjoying them too. These are, of course, the locations of the “major relics,” that is, probably the majority of the Saints’ remains themselves, or as much of them as has survived. For instance, while a majority of St Gregory of Nyssa’s relics are apparently in Vatican City, part of his jawbone is in the besieged Decani Monastery in Kosovo. I’m sure I’ll keep looking for more!

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