Victorinus: In Apocalypsin (14.1-4)

[14.1] And an angel flying in the midst of heaven which he says he saw, we have also treated above: the same is to be Elijah, who acts before the reign of Antichrist. And another angel following signifies the same prophet, the associate of his preaching. But because, as we have said, his leaders, by making a treaty, will attack this city, great Babylon, its ruin is borne witness to.

[14.2] And he says: Come. I will show you the damnation of the whore who sits upon many waters. And I saw, he says, a woman drunk on the blood of the saints, and on the blood of the witnesses of Jesus Christ. For all the sufferings of the saints are accomplished by decree of its Senate, and she herself, recently having granted (?) a remission, gives decree among all nations against all preaching of the faith.

And the woman to sit upon the red beast, the doer of murders, has the image of the devil. Also these heads are there, of which we have reminded and treated. This is also Babylon, it says in the Apocalypse and Isaiah, because of the scattering of the peoples; it was also named Tyre by Ezekiel. Finally also, if you compare what is said of Tyre, and what Isaiah and the Apocalypse said of Babylon, you will find them all to be one.

[14.3] What he also says: Put out your sharpened pruning-hook, for the harvest of the grapes of the vine, speaks of the nations to perish at the coming of the Lord; and he also shows this in many ways, as in the dry harvest; but it will happen once at the coming of the Lord, the end of the kingdom of Antichrist, and the appearance of the kingdom of the saints.

[14.4] What he also says: thrown into the winepress of the wrath of God and trampled outside the city, the trampling of the winepress is the reward of the sinner. And the blood went out up to the bridles of the horses: vengance will go out to the chiefs of the peoples, that is the leaders, either the devil or his angels. In the final battle, the vengance of the shedding of blood will go out, as it was predicted before: In blood have you sinned, and blood will follow you. For one thousand six hundred stadia, that is, through all four parts of the world. For a foursome is quadrupled, as in the four faces of the fourformed (animals) and the wheels. For four four-hundreds are one thousand six hundred.

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