Truth…limps along upon the arm of time

Look beneath. For ordinarily things are far other than they seem; and the dullness which does not seek to pass beyond the rind, is due to be increasingly disillusioned if it gets deeper into the interior. The false is forever the lead in everything, continually dragging along the fools: the truth brings up the rear, is late, and limps along upon the arm of time, wherefore the man of insight will save for it at least the half of that faculty, which our great mother has wisely given us twice. Deceit is superficial, wherefore the superficial are taken in at once. The man of substance lives safely within himself, to be better treasured of his colleagues, and of those who know.

Gracian’s Manual, § 146

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  1. And perhaps a fellow reader is sufficiently well-versed in mid-17th century Spanish religio-cultural references, as I am not, to clarify the obscure “…half of that faculty, which our great mother has wisely given us twice.” The “great mother” is obviously the Church. This doubly-granted faculty, however, is proudly out sailing far away from the Port of My Kenning upon that vasty Sea o’ Ignorance Mine. With plenty of company, mind you….

    Any ideas, O gentle readers?

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