1. I am going, going, gone on the Apple front. It started with the iPod, followed by the exquisite 17″ MacBook Pro, and now with the nifty swell neato iPhone. They’re all just so beautifully made and work so well.

  1. The little WordPress app will be especially useful in deleting spam comments, which are legion, I tell you! But one odd thing about it is that you can’t add a comment to a post unless there’s one there to reply to.

    Also, I have to add that I’ve another piece of Apple hardware, an Airport Extreme (the dual ethernet model from a couple of years ago). I had set it up a in a law office for which I do contract IT work, and they recently upgraded to a new Airport/Time Machine station (wireless backups for everyone: what’s not to love?!), so they gave me the old Airport, which is much better than the Netgear router I had at home, which had also inexplicably started dying. (I had to train the housemates in how to pull the power out and put it back in so that it would start working again!) Perfect timing!

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