Deuterobaruchian Pearls

For the youth of this world has passed away, and the power of creation is already exhausted, and the coming of the times is very near and has passed by. And the pitcher is near the well, and the ship to the harbor, and the journey to the city, and life to its end.

——2 Baruch 85.10

But now, the righteous have been assembled, and the prophets are sleeping. Also we have left our land, and Zion has been taken away from us, and we have nothing now apart from the Mighty One and his Law.

——2 Baruch 85.3

And it will happen at that time that those treasuries will be opened in which the number of the souls of the righteous were kept, and they will go out and the multitudes of the souls will appear together, in one assemblage, of one mind. And the first ones will enjoy themselves and the last ones will not be sad.

——2 Baruch 30.2

Adam is, therefore, not the cause, except only for himself, but each of us has become our own Adam.

——2 Baruch 54.19


  1. 2 Baruch 85:10 reminds me of Ecclesiastes 12:1-7, which starts with “Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before…” then the passage in Ecclesiates follows with a list of metaphors for life’s end akin to 2 Baruch. One of these metaphors reads, “[before] the pitcher is shattered at the fountain”; which is remiscent of 2 Baruch’s, “and the pitcher is near the well”, isn’t it?

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