St. Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho Podcast!

Every once in a while I do a search for mentions of my stuff online, and I found that Mr. and Mrs. James Rennie of Dead White Guys have recorded my public domain text of St. Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho the Jew as a podcast! (He’s Justin and she’s everyone else.) The actual podcast files are also archived (or whatever they call it for podcasts!) in various other places, like here where I first ran into it. There are a number of readings of various other Church Fathers as well.

How cool is that?! It’s a joy to hear. Also, hearing it read, I think I have a little more work to put into it to make it better for reading, but it does remarkably well in its current edition. What a fun resource!

He even pronounces my somewhat odd last name as I do: edge-km, not -comb, like the thing you fix your hair with. The -comb(e)/-cumbe ending comes from the Old Celtic kumbos, according to the OED, which means valley. We’re supposed to be in the Domesday Book somewhere, though I’ve never looked it up. A couple of old family houses are a medieval one here and an eighteenth century one here. Dad’s family apparently came to the Colonies before they got uppity; though I don’t know the details, some others in the family have written all that up. There’s also a Mount Edgecumbe in Alaska, and an Edgecombe County in North Carolina. Neat, huh? Now, back to the subject!

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