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On Sirach

This page is a stepping stone to several various tables I've compiled dealing with varying 
systems of versification in different Biblical books and versions of those books. The first such 
step took place in the tables you'll find here describing the different ways of numbering Sirach. 
To be honest, I find the variety highly annoying, as every major version seems to find it 
necessary to introduce its own versification scheme in the instance of this book.

In the case of Sirach, I was also annoyed that I could nowhere find tables aligning the 
versification systems for easy reference, as we now have 5 or so different versification 
systems, any one of which may be the one which a writer's chapter/verse numbers refer to! 
Indeed! So, I just had to do it myself.... And while I was at it, I threw in a comparison of 
Weber's Vulgate text of Sirach and the NRSV -- just for the fun of it!


Comparison of Ziegler, Rahlfs, RSV, and NRSV versification in Sirach


Comparison of Weber's Vulgata and NRSV versification in Sirach