Abba Theophilus, the archbishop of Alexandria, came to Scetis one day. The brethren who were assembled said to Abba Pambo, “Say something to the archbishop, so that he may be edified.”

The old man said to them, “If he is not edified by my silence, he will not be edified by my speech.”

Saying 2, Theophilus the Archbishop, The Sayings of the Desert Fathers


  1. Now I see why you’ve been (relatively) quiet over here. You’re probably shooting fire from your fingertips while I’m blathering. Count me as edified.

    Thanks, btw, for the additional Vulgate Prologue.

  2. Ha! Very funny!

    For those who are mystified by the reference, it’s actually to this!

    Sadly, no, I’ve not attained to such a height in theosis, but rather prosaically been simply enjoying a little outdoor reading while the weather’s been particularly nice in our Indian Summer here. I just finished J. N. D. Kelly’s rather biography of Jerome, one curmudgeon writing of another. It was a bit snarky, which I didn’t find pleasant, but the information was otherwise excellently digested and collected. Also, I’m still trying to decide what’s next!

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