Sermons of St Gregory Palamas

Mount Thabor Publishing is offering a pre-release discount of their new edition of the complete and annotated homilies of St Gregory Palamas in English, in one volume. St. Gregory Palamas: The Homilies is introduced, translated, and annotated by Christopher Veniamin. The blurb makes this out to be an excellent and more than complete edition:

The first edition of all sixty-three extant sermons by St. Gregory to appear in English translation, presented together with an Introduction to the Homilies, over 1,000 notes and scholia, an index of Scriptural References, an index of Names and Subjects, and an index of Greek Words – designed to transform this remarkable treasury of Patristic wisdom into an invaluable reference resource for the student of theology.

This edition will undoubtedly become an instant classic. It’s exciting to see the homilies of St Gregory Palamas about to explode into the Anglophonic world, and to think of the possibilities resulting from this publication’s wide distribution. We should remember that these homilies have been treasured as spiritual food by Orthodox monastics from the instant they were first spoken, for an unbroken nearly 700 years.

For those who don’t care to have annotations and a scholarly apparatus cluttering the page, these same homilies are available in three separate volumes of the series Sermons by Saint Gregory Palamas: Mary the Mother of God, The Saving Work of Christ, and On the Saints.


  1. Mike, that’s not too surprising, with your penchant for puns!

    Peter, you’re very welcome! I’m been waiting for this one to come out for months, if not more than a year. I thought I’d mentioned this book before on my blog, but it seems not. I’ve had the publication date marked in my calendar for a while. It’s very exciting! I can’t wait to read them!

  2. I read this announcement elsewhere last night, and there was much rejoicing! I hope I can get in on the action before the first edition sells out.

    Regarding the topical volumes, however, they don’t contain the full 63 extant homilies of St Gregory Palamas: the one on the Saving Work of Christ has 13 homilies, the one on the Mother of God has 6, and the one on the Saints has 7, for a grand total of 26.

  3. Oh! Thank you for that correction, Esteban! I was entirely negligent in not checking the contents. Many thanks!

    That fact does make the single volume that much more attractive, however, particularly with this early pre-publication discount. For the price of the single volume is only a little more than that of the three volumes in a set, which total fewer than half the sixty-three homilies in the single volume.

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