Over the course of the next few days, you’ll be able to watch as I transform the Twenty Ten WordPress theme into something closer to my old biblicalia theme.

It’s about time for a little change around here. It’ll also be good to take advantage of some newer features.

Thanks for all your patience, readers, in my recent lack of posting, as well. I’ll be posting some interesting things soon!


  1. Kevin,

    I always read it from my feed reader, so I had no idea that it had been spiffied-up; it’s a little surprising. I trust in your judgement to present your thoughts with the most appropriate styling, pictures, and accoutrement.


  2. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. I always loved the simplicity of your old look so I’m hoping you keep it simple with this one. I just revamped my theme as well so we’ll see if it sticks.

  3. I’ll be getting it to look as closely as possible as the old one, really. I like the wider text column, and this’ll do nested comments and some other nice under-the-hood stuff. I figured it’d be quicker to just start with this one and tweak it than retool the old theme. I do prefer a very uncluttered look, though, so it’ll be like the old one in that sense. The content is the important part, not the presentation.

    This should be fun!

  4. Ouch, visited this morning, and I thought — Kevin’s been absorbed into the WordPress hivemind.

  5. Naw, I’m just too lazy to recode all my old theme files. It’ll be easier to rework these, since they’re already built for WP 3.0. My old theme files were based on a 1.5 theme, I think it was.

  6. I tried this theme out but it gave me a terrible time with the widgets. Had that worked out like I wanted it to I probably would have stuck with it but as it stands I like the clean look of my new theme. I see that your sidebar is pretty much the same as your old theme so that’s nice. Will you be changing the header picture or sticking with what’s up there now?

  7. Yeah, I’ll change the picture out. I have to look around for others.

    You know, you can use the Text widget and put the code in there from your old sidebar, and get things in that way too. It takes a little tinkering. I was just lucky that my widgets were real basic (Archive w/drop down, Categories, Search), in keeping with the old theme’s spare appearance. For the About and Now Reading, I used the Text widget and just copied the code in.

    I’ll probably ditch the sans serif font in titles, though. I’m not a fan.

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