Quotation and Allusion Index to A Spiritual Psalter

The index below provides biblical and other citations for the text included in A Spiritual Psalter, or Reflections on God, excerpted by Bishop Theophan the Recluse from the works of our Holy Father Ephraim the Syrian arranged in the manner of the Psalms of David (Saint John of Kronstadt Press 1st ed.:1997, 2nd ed.: 2004). A number of citations were taken from the Russian translations of works attributed to Ephrem the Syrian, from which translations Theophan the Recluse selected the excerpts included in A Spiritual Psalter. (See my page On the Sources of A Spiritual Psalter for exhaustive detail on that process.) In addition, I went through and added numerous other citations which I recognized; undoubtedly there are others. The language of the texts is strongly biblical, drawing especially on the Book of Psalms. I trust the index will prove useful to readers of A Spiritual Psalter.

Ps 1: “…brings forth a great abundance of the fruits of life…” (Col 1.10)
  “…remembrance of God…” (Ps 42.6)
  “…like a courageous warrior…” (Eph 6.13-17)
  “…with his lips sings praises to the One who has authority over all that breathes.”(Ps 150.6)
  “…who ceaselessly glorifies the Lord.” (Isa 6.1-3)
Ps 2: “…free the soul of a sinner from bondage of sin.” (Rom 6.18)
  “…Who art coming again with hosts of angels to judge every soul…” (Mt 16.27;25.31)
  “…take me under Thy wing…” (Ps 61.4; 91.4)
  “…the terrible fire and from the gnashing of teeth…” (Mt 13.42, 50)
  “…outer darkness and eternal lamentation…” (Mt 8.12; 22.13; 25.30)
Ps 3: “Make me whole, O Lord, and I will become whole!” (Q. Jer 17.14)
  “…searchest the heart and the inner workings of men…” (Q. Jer 17.10)
  “…like a waterless land, my soul thirsts after Thee…” (Q. Ps 62.2)
  “…Thou seest that my mind…” (1Kgs 8.39)
  “O Giver of light!” (Gen 1.3; Ps 75.5; Sir 34.20)
  “…consume evil thoughts like thorns and thistles!” (Eccl 7.6; Hos 10.8)
Ps 4: “…Thou art wealth which diminishes not with the changes of time.” (Mt 6.20)
  “From Thy treasury…” (Isa 45.3)
  “…heal our sores.” (Ps 102.3)
  “…for he who seeks Thee finds all in Thee.” (Prov 8.17; 16.8; Jer 36.13)
  “Thou art with us, O Emmanuel!” (Isa 7.14)
Ps 5: “Like the apple of Thine eye preserve me…” (Deut 32.10)
Ps 6: “son of Jesse” [=David] (1Sam 16.11-12)
  “…blessed are the blameless who follow in the way of the Lord, who walk in His Law.”(Q. Ps 118.1)
  “…blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God; blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted; blessed are they who weep, for they shall rejoice.” (Q. Mt 5.8; Lk 6.21)
  “…left their families in this world, their parents…” (Lk 14.26)
  “They have made their bodies into a temple of the Holy Spirit…” (1Cor 6.19)
  “…they have borne the yoke…” (Mt 11.29-30)
  “…they have despised their own life.” (Lk 14.26)
  “They have crucified their souls…” (Rom 6.6; Gal 5.24)
  “…ye who labored in My name…” (Apoc 2.3)
  “…enter the habitation…” (Jn 14.2)
  “…rest from your labors…” (Apoc 14.13)
Ps 8: “…instrument of His glory…instruments of sin…” (Rom 6.13)
  “…by Thy sufferings heal my sores…” (Isa 53.5)
Ps 9: “Like the publican I sigh…” (Lk 18.13)
  “…like the harlot I shed tears…” (Lk 7.37-38)
  “…like the thief I call out…” (Mt 27.38; Lk 23.42)
  “…like the prodigal son I entreat Thee.” (Lk 15.21)
  “According to the multitude of Thy loving kindness…” (Ps 50.3)
  “…for who will confess Thee in hell?” (Ps 113.25)
  “…the mouths of the lions and save it…” (Ps 21.14)
Ps 10: “My repentance has not even made a good beginning…” (Abba Sisoes, Saying 14)
Ps 11: “…He Who knows the depths of the heart.” (Judith 8.14; Jer 17.9)
  “Why hast thou forsaken me?” (Ps 21.2; Mt 27.46)
  “Save me, a sinner…” (1Tim 1.15)
  “…Thou only Sinless One.” (Heb 4.15)
  “…who roars as a lion and desires to swallow me up.” (1Pt 5.8)
  “Rouse thy strength and come, that thou mightest save me.” (Ps 79.3)
  “Beam Thy lightning and disperse his power” (Ps 143.6)
  “I flee to Thee!” (Ps 142.9)
Ps 12: “Be my helper…” (Ps 26.9)
  “like the harlot and am ashamed to pray to Thee.” (Lk 7.37-50; she said nothing)
  “The day of the Lord will suddenly shine forth…” (Isa 60.1)
Ps 15: “this is my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased” (Q. Mt 3.17)
Ps 16: “…flowers woven without human hands…” (Mt 6.28)
  “May my prayer draw near to Thee” (Q. Ps 118.170)
Ps 17: “…accepted the two farthings and praised the good will of the widow…” (Mk 12.42)
  “…open thy lips, and I will fill them.” (Ps 80.11)
  “Thou Who didst open the eyes of the blind man…” (Jn 9.1-7)
  “…Who didst establish bounds for the sea…” (Jer 5.22)
  “…turn aside to the right hand or to the left…” (Prov 4.27)
  “…Who gavest water in the desert…” (Ex 17.6)
Ps 18: Answer my prayer with fire, as Thou didst once for Thy Prophet. (1Kgs 18.36)
  “…ask, and ye shall receive!” (Q. Jn 16.24)
  “God, O God, hearken unto me” (Ps 5.2; 118.145)
  “…Who hast promised to hear those who call to Thee in truth…” (Ps 144.18)
  “O hope of all the ends of the earth and of those who travel afar.” (Ps 64.6)
  “Take up Thy weapons and shield and rise up to help me. Draw Thy sword and imprison them who persecute me. O Lord, tell my soul: I am thy salvation.” (Q. Ps 34.2-3)
  “…a perfect man made unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ…”(Q. Eph 4.13)
Ps 19: “…according to Thy great mercy…” (Ps 50.3)
  “…incline Thine ear to my prayer…” (Q. Ps 87.3)
  “…I seek peace and do not find it…” (Ps 33.14; Prov 16.8)
  “…due to the multitude of my sins.” (Sir 5.6)
  “…to Thee Who knowest all mysteries.” (Ps 43.22)
  “…Who dost not rejoice at the destruction of man…” (Ezek 18.32; 33.11)
  “…Who dost not turn Thy face from those who cry to Thee with tears.” (Ps 21.25)
Ps 20: “…I magnify Thee, O Lord…” (Ps 33.4)
  “…the prince of this world…” (Jn 12.31; 14.30; 16.11)
Ps 21: “…nor does He have any respect of persons.” (Rom 2.11)
Ps 22: “God is love…” (Q. 1Jn 4.8)
  “…he who abides in love abides in God.” (Q. 1Jn 4.16)
  “…blessed are the meek.” (Q. Mt 5.5)
  “…obedient even unto death.” (Php 2.8)
  “…it was by envy that death came into the world.” (Rom 5.12)
  “…for the forceful shall capture the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt 11.12)
Ps 22: “…blessed is the man who fears the Lord.” (Ps 115.13)
  “…God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God.” (Q. 1Jn 4.16)
  “…for a long-suffering man is great in understanding.” (Q. Prov 14.29)
  “…for anger does not beget a man of God’s truth.” (Q. Jas 1.20)
  “…blessed are the meek.” (Q. Mt 5.5)
  “…was obedient even unto death.” (Q. Php 2.8)
  “…death came into the world.” (Q. Wis 2.24)
  “…for the forceful shall capture the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt 11.12)
Ps 23: “He is God the Word Which was flesh.” (Jn 1.1, 14)
  “…why was Mary chosen?” (Lk 1.30)
  “…whom does Gabriel call Lord?” (Lk 1.26, 32)
  “…who was laid in a manger?” (Lk 2.7)
  “…whom did the angels who came down from heaven glorify?” (Lk 2.8-14)
  “…who was wrapped in swaddling clothes?” (Lk 2.7)
  “…in whose honor did the star appear?” (Mt 2.2)
  “…whom did Simeon hold in his arms?” (Lk 2.25-28)
  “…Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace?” (Q. Lk 2.29)
  “…whom did Joseph take when he fled into Egypt?” (Mt 2.14)
  “…Out of Egypt have I called my Son?” (Q. Hos 11.1; Mt 2.15)
  “…whom did John baptize?” (Mt 3.13-16)
  “…This is my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased?” (Q. Mt 3.17)
  “…who hungered in the desert?” (Mt 4.1-2)
  “…unto whom did the angels come and minister?” (Mt 4.11)
  “…who was invited to the marriage in Cana of Galilee?” (Jn 2.1-2)
  “…who turned the water into wine?” (Jn 2.7-9)
  “…who took the loaves in the desert?” (Mt 14.15, 17-18)
  “…who fed the five thousand men and their women and children with five loaves and two fishes?” (Mt 14.19-21)
  “…who slept in the ship?” (Mt 8.24)
  “…who rebuked the waves and the sea?” (Mt 8.26)
  “…with whom did Simon the Pharisee sit at meat?” (Lk 7.36-50)
  “…who forgave the sins of the harlot?” (Lk 7.47-50)
  “…who wore a man’s garment?” (Mt 9.20)
  “…who healed the woman with an issue of blood when she touched His garment?”(Mt 9.22)
  “…who spat on the ground and made clay?” (Jn 9.6)
  “…who gave sight to the eyes of the blind man with that clay?” (Jn 9.7)
  “…who wept at Lazarus’ grave?” (Jn 11.34-38)
  “…who commanded him to come forth out of the grave four days after his death?”(Jn 11.39-44)
  “…whom did the Jews arrest in the garden?” (Jn 18.1, 12)
  “…who cast them to the ground with the words: I am He?” (Jn 18.6)
  “…who was judged before Pilate?” (Mt 27.2, 11-14)
  “…who frightened Pilate’s wife in a dream?” (Mt 27.19)
  “…whose garments were stripped from Him and parted by the soldiers?” (Mt 27.28, 35)
  “…why was the sun darkened upon His crucifixion?” (Mt 27.45)
  “…who shook the foundations of the earth?” (Mt 27.51)
  “…whose hands and feet were nailed to the cross?” (Mt 27.35; Lk 24.39-40; Jn 20.25-27)
  “…the veil of the temple was rent in twain, the rocks were rent, and the graves were opened?” (Mt 27.51-52)
  “…who hung on the cross between the two thieves?” (Mt 27.38)
  “…Today thou shalt be with me in paradise?” (Q. Lk 23.43)
  “…who cried out and gave up the ghost?” (Mt 27.50)
  “…whose cry caused many bodies of the saints which slept to arise?” (Mt 27.50, 52)
  “…whom did the women see laid in the grave?” (Mt 27.59-61)
  “…about whom did the angel say to them: he has arisen, He is not here?” (Mt 28.1-6)
  “…whom did Thomas touch when he put his hands into the prints of the nails?”(Jn 20.25-27)
  “…who entered through the doors that were shut?” (Jn 20.19)
  “…who ate at the sea of Tiberias?” (Jn 21.1, 12-13)
  “…on whose orders were the nets filled with fishes?” (Jn 21.6)
  “…whom did the apostles see carried up into heaven?” (Lk 24.51)
  “…sit at My right hand?” (Q. Ps 110.1; Heb 1.13)
Ps 25: “The sinless Lamb of God…” (Jn 1.29; Heb 4.15)
  “…slain for the salvation of us sinners.” (Apoc 5.6, 9)
  “…Who art the Wisdom and Strength of God…” (1Cor 1.24)
  “…my ribs were pierced with a spear…” (Jn 19.34)
Ps 26: “…for your Lord is merciful and loves those who repent.” (Ezek 18.23; Apoc 3.19)
  “…your Father will come out aforehand to meet you. He will slaughter the fatted calf, clothe you in a fine robe and rejoice in you.” (Lk 15.20, 22-23)
Ps 27: “I will arise and go to my Father.” (Q. Lk 15.18)
  “…do not hide from the face of God as did Adam.” (Gen 3.9-10)
  “…we have no other help but Him alone.” (Ps 32.20; 145.3)
  “Imitate the prodigal son: leave the city that starves thee.” (Lk 15.14, 20)
Ps 28: “He who has abandoned God does the evil spirit oppress, as he did Saul.” (1Sam 16.14)
  “…preserve the temple entrusted to us…” (1Cor 6.19)
  “…For in Him do we live, move and exist.” (Q. Acts 17.28)
Ps 29: “He Who is from God, God the Word…” (Jn 1.1, 14)
Ps 30: “…that I might labor diligently in Thy vineyard, if even only for one hour.” (Mt 20.1-16)
Ps 31: “…that I might use the talent which Thou, O Heavenly King, hast given me to good purpose…” (Mt 25.14-30)
  “…Vouchsafe me then to light a lamp…” (Mt 25.1-13)
Ps 32: “…forgive your brother his transgressions, and I will forgive you your sins.” (Mt 18.21-35)
  “When you have no malice…” (1Pt 2.1)
  “…when the setting sun does not find you angry…” (Eph 4.26)
Ps 34: “…set me not at Thy left hand with the goats…” (Mt 25.33)
  “…Amen, amen, I tell you, I know you not.” (Q. Mt 25.12)
  “…Thy compassion is in all Thy works.” (Q. Ps 144.9)
Ps 35: “…every sin that works in me…” (Rom 7.8, 13)
Ps 36: “…carries the Lord’s good yoke…” (Mt 11.29-30)
  “…he shall be crowned with glory.” (Jas 1.12)
  “…like Mary, remains at the Lord’s feet…” (Lk 10.39)
  “…like Martha, hastens to receive the Lord and Savior.” (Lk 10.38, 40)
Ps 37: “…the confession of the holy ecumenical Church of God.” (i.e., Constantinople I, 381)
Ps 38: “…if the stars shine with such glory, then how much more so will the righteous and the saints…” (Mt 13.43)
  “…a goat, stand among the sheep at Christ’s right hand” (Mt 25.33)
  “…who have here brought forth the fruits of truth” (Mt 13.23; Jn 15.5)
  “He will not tarry…” (Hab 2.3; Heb 10.37)
  “…His coming will be like terrible lightning from the heavens.” (Mt 24.27)
Ps 39: “…and illuminest not his heart…” (2Cor 4.6)
  “…Thou madest me worthy to become a vessel of grace.” (Rom 9.23)
  “…protection, a shield, a refuge…” (2Sam 22.3)
Ps 40: “Stretch forth, O Lord, Thy hand…” (Ps 137.7)
  “…I am altogether like the paralytic.” (Mt 9.2-7)
  “…how shall I shed the old man…” (Col 3.9)
  “…Save my miserable soul from death…” (Ps 55.14; 114.8)
Ps 41: “…like a dog do I ever return to my own vomit.” (Q. Prov 26.11)
  “…Who will try my heart and inner workings.” (Ps 25.2)
  “Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed.” (Jer 17.14)
  “If Thou wilt not build the house of my soul, I labor in vain trying to build it myself.” (Ps 126.1)
  “…enlighten the eyes of my heart…” (Eph 1.18)
  “…safe passage through the impassable sea for Thy people.” (Ex 14.21-22)
  “…gavest Thy people who thirsted water out of a hard rock.” (Ex 17.6)
  “…didst save the one who fell in with thieves.” (Lk 23.43)
Ps 42: “My transgressions have multiplied…” (Isa 59.12)
Ps 44: “…in the parable of the lost sheep.” (Lk 15.3-7)
  “For He made our body a temple…” (1Cor 6.19)
  “May heaven and earth and all that is within them…” (Ps 145.6)
  “Holy, Holy, Holy!” (Isa 6.3)
Ps 45: “…the righteous will shine like the sun…” (Q. Mt 13.43)
  “…zealous in good works.” (Tit 2.14)
Ps 48: “The garment God wove for you have you made unfit for use and unworthy for the royal wedding.” (Mt 22.10-13)
  “…valiantly smite Goliath.” (1Sam/Kgdms 17.42-51)
  “…the violent who take the kingdom of God by force…” (Mt 11.12)
Ps 49: “…have I daily contemplated Thy word.” (Ps 118.97)
  “The heights bless Thee…” (Ps 148.1)
  “…the depths magnify Thee…” (Ps 148.7)
  “…all things venerate Thee, for all was created by Thee. Everything sings praises to Thee…” (Ps 148)
Ps 50: “Have mercy on me, O god, according to Thy great mercy, and according to the multitude of thy compassions, blot out my transgression.” (Q. Ps 50.3)
  “Thou, O Lord, hadst mercy on Zacchaeus who was unworthy.” (Lk 19.1-9)
Ps 51: “…illumined the eyes of his heart” (Eph 1.18)
  “…iron staff.” (Ps 2.9; Apoc 2.27; 12.5; 19.15)
  “…a marvelous spiritual net and caught many…” (Mt 4.19)
Ps 52: “With the tears that she brought to Thee, the harlot destroyed the record of her transgressions.” (Lk 7.37-38, 48, 50)
  “He has made me a target for his arrows.” (Eph 6.16)
  “…have no other helper.” (Eccl 4.10)
  “…as he mocked our foremother.” (=Eve; Gen 3.1-5)
  “…for I hear that fire will consume the Lawless” (1Cor 3.13)
  “Blot out my transgressions…” (Ps 50.11)
  “Cleanse our stains with Thy hyssop…” (Ps 50.9)
Ps 53: “…ripen in good works…” (Col 1.10)
  “…a contrite heart…” (Ps 50.19)
Ps 54: “…our days pass by like a shadow.” (Ps 143.4)
  “…as honorable as the angels…” (Ps 8.6; Heb 2.7)
Ps 55: “…the devil has ensnared me. But this did not suffice to absolve Adam of his sin.”(Gen 3.1-24)
  “Cain was of course also prompted by the devil, but he did not escape condemnation either.” (Gen 4.3-16)
  “…those whom Paul called vessels of wrath” (Q. Rom 9.22)
  “…to the passions of degradation.” (Q. Rom 1.26)
  “…Thou Who didst pour forth life unto us from Thy life-creating rib.” (Jn 19.34)
Ps 56: “…Thy good and easy yoke…” (Mt 11.29-30)
  “…the city which Thou prepared for them that love Thee.” (Apoc 21.2-22.5)
Ps 57: “Remember … that we are dust” (Q. Ps 102.14)
Ps 58: “…Behold, the bridegroom cometh—so that thou mightest go out to meet Me with joy?”(Mt 25.6)
  “…thou takest no pains to prepare a proper wedding garment…” (Mt 22.12)
Ps 59: “…Thou desirest not the death of a sinner, but that he should return to Thee and live.” (Q. Ezek 33.11)
Ps 61: “O God Who art above all…” (Ps 88.8; Eph 4.6)
Ps 62: “I tell you that I know you not.” (Q. Lk 13.27)
Ps 63: “…the arrows of the cunning enemy…” (Eph 6.16)
  “…Thou, who makest Thy sun to shine on the bad and the good” (Q. Mt 5.45)
Ps 64: “…a city built on a mountaintop…” (Mt 5.14)
Ps 65: “Jonah called out to Thee in the depths of the sea…” (Jon 2.2-10)
  “…Daniel in the lion’s den.” (Dan 6.17)
  “The three Hebrew children called thee in the furnace fired up by the Chaldaeans.”(Dan 3.21-90)
  “Thou didst save Daniel…” (Dan 6.22)
  “…bedewed and extinguished the flame in the furnace.” (Dan 3.49-50)
  “Have mercy on me, O our kindhearted Lord, and according to the multitude of Thy compassions, blot out my sins. Wash me from the iniquities of my hands, that I might be purified and cleansed of my stains. I know that I have sinned; my sins are ever before me and I see them. Before Thee alone am I guilty, and against Thee alone have I sinned.” (Q. Ps 50.3-6)
  “Three times did Simon deny Thee, O Lord; but he brought Thee tears and Thou didst receive him.” (Mt 26.34, 69-75)
  “…does not desire the death of a sinner” (Ezek 18.32; 33.11)
  “…openest Thy door to all who knock at it…” (Mt 7.7)
Ps 66: “…thus do I knock at the door of Thy goodness…” (Mt 7.7)
  “Have mercy on me, O Lord, have mercy on me…” (Ps 122.3)
  “Thou didst create me, O Lord, name me in Thine image, and, according to Thy goodness, make me in Thy likeness.” (Gen 1.26)
  “…who hadst mercy on the harlot…” (Lk 7.37-38, 48, 50)
  “…the myrrh that the harlot brought…” (Lk 7.38)
  “…no living creature can be justified before Thee.” (Q. Ps 142.2)
Ps 67: “…image of His hypostasis” (Q. Heb 1.3)
Ps 68: “…Thou art an immortal and jealous God” (Q. Deut 4.24; Heb 12.29)
  “…I know no other God than Thee.” (Isa 26.13)
Ps 69: “As a slave of sin…” (Jn 8.34; Rom 6.16-18, 20, 22)
  “…man is carnal, sold under sin.” (Q. Rom 7.14)
Ps 70: “…take out the best garment and clothe him; kill the fatted calf that we may be consoled and make merry. May the angels gather and rejoice at the son who was lost and has been found, at the return of the prodigal heir.” (Lk 15.22, 27)
Ps 71: “…as Thou didst cleanse the harlot.” (Lk 7.37-38, 48, 50)
  “I realize, O Lord, that I have sinned.” (Q. Pr. Man. 12)
Ps 72: “With the tears that she shed the harlot destroyed the record of her sins.” (Lk 7.37-38, 48, 50)
  “…beat your breast like the publican…” (Lk 18.13)
Ps 73: “…I was honored to be counted as a son of God…” (Gal 4.6)
  “I bow my knee and heart…” (Pr. Man. 11)
Ps 75: “…whole sheaves of tares destined to be consumed by fire.” (Mt 13.30)
Ps 77: “Joseph, who bedewed his soul with remembrance of the Almighty, was not enkindled by the fire of iniquity; and, having conquered temptation, he became the king of Egypt.” (Gen 39-41)
Ps 78: “As Thou didst tame the sea with one word from Thy lips when the disciples awakened Thee…” (Mt 8.23-26)
  “As the woman with an issue of blood was healed by merely touching the hem of Thy garment and straightway her blood ceased to flow” (Mt 9.20-22)
Ps 79: “I shall uncover my head like the harlot…” (Lk 7.37-38)
Ps 80: “…the first transgression of the law…” (Gen 3)
Ps 81: “…the widow who continually troubled the judge and achieved her goal.” (Lk 18.2-5)
  “…like Thine inseparable [Gk “bold”] friend…he asked for bread…food for the flesh…” (Jn 6.34?)
  “Bedew my burning conscience…” (Dan 3.50)
  “…in Thy mercy wouldst Thou teach me good…” (Ps 118.64, 124)
Ps 82: “…my soul, that is Thine image…” (Gen 1.26)
  “…my Thy right arm shelter my body…” (Wis 5.16)
  “…girded by Thine armor…” (Eph 6.11-13)
Ps 83: “…call Me and I will hearken unto you; knock at My door and I will open it.”(Mt 7.7)
  “Like the harlot…” (Lk 7.37-38, 47-48, 50)
  “Like the publican…” (Lk 18.13)
  “…like the prodigal son who squandered his inheritance do we call out to Thee, repenting in our soul: we have sinned against heaven and before Thee, O Lord.”(Lk 15.11-24, esp. 15.21)
  “Thou who didst accept Simon’s repentance…” (Mt 26.75)
  “Forgive your brother if he has sinned against you, and Christ will forgive you as He has promised…” (Mt 18.21-22, 33-35)
  “…forgive us our debts…” (Q. Mt 6.12)
  “…Thy radiant habitation.” (Apoc 21.23)
Ps 84: “…Before the wheel of time has completed its revolution with me…” (Eccl 12.6)
  “Before this dust has returned to the earth…” (Gen 3.19)
  “Before the sound of trumpets resounds portending Thy coming…” (Mt 24.30-31)
Ps 85: “…he will rise in glory when the heavenly trumpet is sounded to rouse all of the sons of men.”
Ps 86: “…that the promise that Thou didst utter concerning her invincibility may not be shown false.” (Mt 16.18)
  “…Fulfill Thy promise that Thou didst make to Peter…” (Mt 16.18)
Ps 87: “Forgive us our debts…” (Q. Mt 6.12)
Ps 89: “O throat which is an open grave!” (Q. Ps 5.10)
  “…a robe radiant like the sun” (Apoc 12.1)
  “…the cunning serpent…” (Gen 3.1)
Ps 90: “On my bed I meditated on Thee…” (Ps 62.7)
  “…and at midnight I arose to glorify Thy goodness.” (Ps 118.62)
  “…the thief…” (Mt 27.38; Lk 23.39-43)
  “…the publican…” (Lk 18.10-14)
  “…Mary the harlot…” (Lk 7.37-50; Jn 11.2)
  “…the Canaanite woman…” (Mt 15.21-28)
  “…the woman with an issue of blood…” (Mt 9.20-22)
  “…the Samaritan woman by the well.” (Jn 4.5-42)
  “David, the son of Jesse, called out to me in his psalms…” (Book of Psalms)
  “Get up, O man. Why do you sleep?” (Q. Ps 43.24)
  “David too lay awake on his bed at night, contemplated his iniquities and confessed his sins.” (Ps 62.7)
  “At night he watered his bed with the tears of his eyes…” (Ps 6.7)
  “…and with sighs he prayed…” (Ps 6.7)
  “I know, O Lord, mine iniquity, and my sin is before me continually.” (Q. Ps 50.5)
  “Against Thee only, O Lord, have I sinned—have mercy on me.” (Q. Ps 50.5-6)
  “According to the multitude of Thy compassions, cleanse our sins and iniquities.” (Ps 50.3-4)
Ps 91: “with David, let us say: at midnight I arose to give thanks unto Thee because of Thy righteous judgements” (Q. Ps 118.62)
  “…like the harlot in Simon’s house…” (Lk 7.37-50)
  “…like the thief on the cross.” (Mt 27.38; Lk 23.39-43)
Ps 92: “For Thou, O Lord, hast said by Thy Prophet: declare your sins beforehand and you will be justified.” (Isa 43.25-26)
  “…I have sinned, O Lord, and I am not worthy to look up and behold the heights of heaven because of the multitude of mine iniquities.” (Q. Pr. Man. 9)
  “…for our days pass like a shadow.” (Ps 143.4)
Ps 93: “…the Lord as her helper.” (Ps 27.7)
  “…a despoiled tabernacle…” (Jer 10.20)
Ps 94: “From dust did He create a voiceless being and adorn him with a soul…” (Gen 2.7)
  “…the wise virgins whom our Lord praised…” (Mt 25.1-13)
  “The body that burdened itself with prayer shall soar through the air on the day of the resurrection…” (1Th 4.14-17)
  “…the habitation of light…” (Apoc 21.23)
  “…instruments of His glory…” (Rom 6.13)
Ps 95: “Praise God in the morning…” (Ps 58.17)
  “Who arranged the luminaries in the day and night skies.” (Gen 1.14-18)
Ps 96: “May every tongue and every mouth offer Thee praise from all the ends of the earth.”(Isa 45.23)
Ps 97: “…our songs not be turned into sobs and weeping…” (Amos 8.10)
  “…the prodigal son…” (Lk 15.11-32)
  “…Manasseh…”(2Chr 33.10-18; Pr. Man.)
  “…the thief…” (Mt 27.38; Lk 23.39-43)
  “…Zacchaeus…”(Lk 19.2-10)
  “…the publican…” (Lk 18.10-14)
  “…the harlot…” (Lk 7.37-50)
  “…the Canaanite woman…” (Mt 15.21-28)
  “…the woman with an issue of blood…” (Mt 9.20-22)
  “…the paralytic…” (Mt 9.2-7)
  “…the blind man…” (Jn 9.1-34)
  “…Jairus…”(Lk 8.41-42, 49-56)
Ps 98: “Thou hast sworn by Thine Own Self that Thou desirest not the death of a sinner and would rather save him from his sins.” (Ezk 33.11)
Ps 99: “O Lord: give me not up to those who offend me” (Q. Ps 118.121)
  “Amen, I say to thee, I know thee not.” (Q. Mt 25.12)
  “…ask, and it shall be given to you: knock, and it shall be opened to you.” (Q. Mt 7.7, 8)
Ps 100: “…outside with the foolish virgins.” (Mt 25.10-12)
  “…with the harlot…” (Lk 7.37-50)
  “…who desirest the salvation of the sons of men…” (Ezk 33.11)
Ps 101: “Blessed is he who has found a choice heavenly pearl and, having sold all that he had on earth, has bought this one jewel.” (Mt 13.45-46)
  “Blessed is he who has found a treasure hidden in a field, rejoiced and cast aside all, and acquired this one piece of land.” (Mt 13.44)
Ps 102: “For Adam, who tasted the fruit…” (Gen 3.6)
  “…Thou didst embrace the pillar at the judgement place.” (i.e., was scourged;Mt 27.26)
  “…curse of the law…” (Gal 3.13)
Ps 103: “…O soul that has grown old in sins…” (Rom 6.6)
  “The temple of thy body…” (1Cor 6.19)
  “…things that are transitory…” (1Cor 1.28)
  “…desire slew thy mother.” (Gen 3; Rom 5.12)
  “I am Thy sheep, but long have I wandered far from Thee, serving the evil one. Go forth, O Lord and seek me out.” (Lk 15.4-7; Jn 10.11)
Ps 104: “…that rebuked the waves of the sea…” (Lk 8.24)
Ps 106: “…promised us new life and the heavenly kingdom…” (Jas 1.12; 2.5)
  “Blot out our sins…” (Ps 50.3)
  “Holy, holy, holy” (Q. Isa 6.3)
  “…pardon from debts.” (Mt 6.12)
  “Open Thy door…” (Mt 7.7)
Ps 107: “Set my feet on the rock of repentance.” (Ps 39.3)
  “…Who didst open the eyes of the blind man…” (Jn 9.1-34)
  “…Who didst cleanse lepers with Thy word…” (Lk 17.12-14)
  “…write the name of Thy servant in the book of life…” (Apoc 20.12)
Ps 108: “In the age to come thou shalt cry like the rich man…” (Lk 16.19-31)
  “…for he who hates his brother is a murderer.” (Q. 1Jn 3.15)
  “Not everyone who says to Me, “Lord, Lord,” shall enter the kingdom.”(Q. Mt 7.21)
  “…like a thief in the night…” (1Th 5.2; 2Pt 3.10)
Ps 110: “A trumpet will sound from the heavens, saying: Awake, ye beloved of Christ.” (1Cor 15.52)
  “Behold His kingdom that He has prepared for you.” (Mt 25.34)
  “And those righteous and worthy of God shall soar high in the air…” (1Th 4.17)
Ps 113: “…that rebuked the waves of the sea…” (Mk 4.39)
  “…the great serpent…” (Apoc 12.9)
  “The offended widow approaches the heartless and unjust judge…” (Lk 18.2-5)
Ps 115: “…a distance to men and an insult to mankind” (Q. Ps 21.7)
  “…moreso than the prodigal son.” (Lk 15.11-32)
  “…Thine image…” (Gen 1.26)
  “…I cannot look up and behold the heights of heaven” (Q. Isa 38.14)
Ps 116: “everyone will receive his reward according to his labors, recompense according to his deeds…” (Apoc 20.12)
  “In the day when the graves of the dead are opened, the trumpet will sound.”(1Cor 15.52)
  “…clouds of fire will appear and carry off the pure bodies of the saints.” (1Th 4.17)
Ps 117: “Father, forgive them this sin, for they know not what they do.” (Q. Lk 23.34)
Ps 119: “I have sinned against heaven and before Thee, Lord God Almighty, and am no longer worhty to be called Thy son” (Lk 15.21)
  “…turn not away from me…” (Ps 26.9)
  “…dust before the wind…” (Ps 17.43; 34.5)
  “…like the prodigal son…” (Lk 15.11-32)
  “…the harlot…” (Lk 7.37-50)
  “…the publican…” (Lk 18.10-14)
  “…the thief: on earth he was rejected by everyone, but thou didst accept him and make him an inhabitant of the sweet paradise.”(Mt 27.38; Lk 23.39-43)
Ps 120: “…to be felled as a fruitless fig tree…” (Lk 13.6-9)
  “…have not yet lit my lamp…” (Mt 25.1-12)
  “…who have no wedding garment…” (Mt 22.2-13)
  “If a righteous man can barely be saved…” (1Pt 4.18)
  “…the path that leads to life is strait and narrow”(Mt 7.14)
Ps 121: “The ascetics are comforted, consoled by the Holy Spirit…”(Jn 14.16, 26)
  “I have sunk to the level of the senseless beasts and become like unto them.” (Ps 48.13)
  “…from Thy holy heights.” (Ps 101.20)
  “…nothing is impossible for Thee.” (Lk 1.37)
Ps 122: “…needful things…” (Lk 10.42)
  “…now I have begun” (Q. Ps 76.11)
  “…as He cleansed the leper…” (Mt 8.2-3)
  “…lift you from your bed as He lifted the paralytic…” (Mt 9.2-7)
  “…as He raised Lazarus.” (Jn 11.43-44)
Ps 123: “Remember that from his youth evil thoughts press diligently upon a man…” (Q. Gen 8.21)
Ps 125: “…for you know not God’s mysteries.” (Ps 43.22)
Ps 126: “…He came to earth not to save the righteous, but to call sinners to repentance” (Q. Lk 5.32)
  “…and that when someone repents the heavens rejoice over him” (Lk 5.7)
  “…I have hated deceit and been repelled by it” (Q. Ps 118.106)
  “No one is sinless…” (Rom 3.23; 5.12)
  “…except Him alone…” (Heb 4.15)
  “…desires not the death of a sinner…” (Ezek 33.11)
Ps 127: “come, ye who are blessed of My Father; inherit the kingdom that has been prepared for you since the creation of the world.” (Q. Mt 25.34)
  “…I know you not.” (Q. Mt 25.12)
  “…go away from Me, Ye accursed souls, into the eternal fire that is prepared from the devil and his angels.” (Q. Mt 25.41)
Ps 128: “…but my father Adam has covered it with much impurity and made it infirm.”(Gen 3)
  “I have the will but I cannot say that I have the strength.” (Rom 7.18)
Ps 129: “…many shall come form the east and the west, from the north and from the sea, and shall sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven; but we shall be driven out.” (Mt 8.11-12)
  “…being His image and the radiance of His hypostasis…” (Heb 1.3)
Ps 130: “Justly did the Pharisees suffer to have their errors exposed by Christ the Savior, Who labeled their appearances hypocrisy.”(Mt 23.13-29)
  “If the whitewashed cover is removed, everyone will see what lies in the grave.”(Mt 23.27)
  “Have mercy on me, O god, according to Thy great mercy and according to the multitude of Thy compassions absolve my iniquities.”(Q. Ps 50.3)
Ps 131: “As Thou didst fill the water pots with Thy blessings…” (Jn 2.1-10)
Ps 132: “…just art Thou, O most just Judge, and just is thy judgement…” (Ps 118.137)
Ps 135: “…did I take on flesh…” (Jn 1.14)
  “…was I beaten…” (Mt 26.67)
  “…was I struck on the face…” (Lk 22.64)
  “…was I crucified…” (Mt 27.35)
  “…was I given vinegar to drink…” (Mt 27.34)
  “I have granted you My kingdom…” (Mt 25.34)
  “…called all of you My brethren…” (Mt 12.49)
  “…and sent down to you the Holy Spirit.” (Jn 14.26; 16.7)
Ps 138: “…offered Himself as a sacrifice for our salvation.” (Eph 5.2)
  “For who asked the Father to give His own Son up to death on the cross?” (Rom 8.32; Php 2.8)
  “Or who entreated the Son to die for sinners?” (Rom 5.8)
Ps 140: “…the blood and water that flowed from the rib of the Son of God…” (Jn 19.34)
Ps 142: “…for he knows not what the coming day or the night that precedes it will bring.” (Prov 27.1)
  “…for the parable about the man who has put his hand to the plough yet looks back pertains to him.” (Lk 9.62)
Ps 143: “…Who rejoices over us when we repent…” (Lk 15.7)
  “…Who opens His door…” (Mt 7.7)
Ps 144: “…the Jerusalem on high.” (Apoc 21.2)
  “…keep their lamps ready…” (Mt 25.1-13)
Ps 146: “Have mercy on me, O god, according to Thy great mercy, and according to the multitude of thy compassions blot out mine iniquity.”(Q. Ps 50.3)
  “…Turn Thy face from my sins and blot out all mine iniquities. Create a clean heart in me, O God, and renew a right spirit within me!” (Q. Ps 50.11-12)
Ps 147: “Sprinkle me with the hyssop of thy loving-kindness and cleanse me. Wash me with my tears, that I might be made whiter than snow.”(Ps 50.9)
Ps 148: “They found a treasure hidden in a field and, having sold all they had on earth, they acquired it…” (Mt 13.44)
  “…and found a wondrous pearl.” (Mt 13.45-46)
Ps 149: “…Adam, who was made of earth…” (Gen 2.7; 3.19)
  “…because Adam sinned and violated the commandment…” (Gen 3)
  “…and to the Holy Spirit, the Comforter…” (Jn 14.26)
Ps 150: “All the deceased will arise at the sound of the trumpet…” (1Cor 15.52)
  “…created Adam from dust…” (Gen 2.7; 3.19)