Page reformatting complete

Today I finished reformatting and entering all my web pages into the menu system here on biblicalia. All my files and such that were available on bombaxo are now available through the menus above. No more “Coming soon!” when you click on one of those! In the course of the transfer, I did quite a bit of editing, so a number of pages have more or less substantial changes. The last thing to do will be to implement redirection from the old pages to the new ones, so that I won’t have people going to the old ones anymore. I’m not maintaining those. So many of them predate css that it was a major chore to strip out all the formatting that I’d put in there.

In addition to the reformatting of the pages for the blog, I’ve also been working on css styles for mobile readers. It’s actually quite fun. And since the mobile css files are separate from the ones for regular/desktop readers, I can implement whatever is most legible and looks best in each set. Nice! I’ll keep playing with that until I’m happy.

So, that’s fun!


  1. Over the course of the evening I also switched hosts. I was horrified that all my unicode characters turned into question marks. All I had to do was add one line to one file, and that fixed it. Of course, I only figured that out after hours of monkeying around….

  2. Everything seems to be back to normal now. The DNS changes have propogated throughout the world, it seems, so that everyone is reading this from the new site.

    Of course, if you’re not reading this now, then you’re on the old site, and then I’m wrong. But then you won’t know that until you read this. So we’ll just keep that friendly little bit of fiction between us, then, shan’t we? Mutual ignorance can work wonders!

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