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I have left this blog in abeyance for far too long. I always enjoyed blogging, but then, all unwelcome, circumstances distracted me from this pleasure. I neither require nor desire a pity party. I’m simply jumping back in.

Things change, as do people. I removed a number of posts that, in light of that change, I came to find distasteful, and certainly not representative of myself. I regret that some of these also had comments from others; however, it could not be helped. I had always thought I upheld the ideal that one ought never to post online anything that one should come to regret. Well. So. There we are.

In any case, the game is afoot. I am preparing a number of things for posting. My longtime fascination with lectionaries has revived. The earliest form of my website dates to well over twenty years ago, at which time I began sharing my collection and systematization of various, especially ancient, lectionaries, all for the love of it. Right now, I am on a Revised Common Lectionary kick. It has a fascinating history, though some, I find, seem to think of it as something of a stop-gap, an also-ran, or a boring uncle. It is none of these things. Various other lectionaries, somewhat tangential to the RCL itself yet related, will also appear soon. I will also continue with lectionaries from the ancient churches in the east, particularly the Coptic and Ethiopian, which both require some work before they are presentable.

There are other subjects to be touched upon, of course, and I will do so. For the moment, over the past week or so, I have been dealing with lost and corrupted files, and simply getting this website functioning again after a hiatus of unknown duration. I assure you, gentle reader, that more is coming soon, and (hopefully), that flood shall not abate.

Some off the cuff listing of subjects to appear is in order: Hebrew Bible/Septuagint textual criticism, general biblical studies with relation to the ancient near east, helpful hints to students of several languages, some translations, some lectionaries and comments upon their histories, various thoughts on the biblical canon and its relation to apocrypha and pseudepigrapha (and why those terms are so problematic), more poetry (sometimes with commentary, which I have already added to some posts), likely some short book reviews, perhaps some of my drawings, some overviews of the literary development of various writings (biblical and not), certainly some esoterica but certainly no theobabble, and, oh, whatever catches my fancy. Fun and puzzling and interesting and very human things are coming here, truly.

I will leave you, for the moment, with some advice:

Burn bright, Tyger Tyger!

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