New NETS files

Just at the end of May, Prof. Claude Mariottini noted that some new files had appeared for the online presentation of A New English Translation of the Septuagint (Oxford, 2007). Links to the electronic edition are here. The files are Adobe PDF files, so one will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. These files, as opposed to those that were posted there previously, are the final version of the files, those that were used for printing the hard copy edition. It’s nice to have those match now! I noticed only very few differences in my use of the older version of the files. You won’t be able to copy from or print the files, but you’ll be able to read them online, which is a good thing.

A new extra bonus in the electronic edition of the NETS is the article “An Excursus on Bisectioning Ieremias,” discussing the theories accounting for the origins of the differences evident between the two halves of OG Ieremias, chapters 1-28, and chapters 29-52. This article was excluded from the printed volume for considerations of size. But here it is!

As a Biblically-affected Californian would, and indeed does, say: Awesomeness upon awsomeness!


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