New Josephus online

If you’re interested in taking a look at the new translation and commentary of the works of Flavius Josephus headed up by Steve Mason of York University and published by Brill, take a look at this page of the Project of Ancient Cultural Management hosted by York University (and wander around the PACE site, itself, with all its other goodies). Mason’s translation and commentary notes on Life are available, as are John Barclay’s for Against Apion, Louis Feldman’s for Antiquities 1-4, Christopher Begg’s for Antiquities 5-7, and Begg’s and Paul Spilsbury’s Antiquities 8-10. The Whiston translation is available throughout where the Brill isn’t, and most very exceedingly nicely, Benedict Niese’s Greek critical text is presented in full. (I’m pretty sure those are the Brill commentary notes that are included for those sections, but haven’t had a chance to check yet. I’ll have to check them tonight against the printed commentary, to be sure.) [UPDATE: The notes are indeed the commentary notes in the Brill volumes.]

The online presentation is very nice, quite easy to read, and it’s absolutely brilliant to have the Greek and English texts both available.

If you’re not aware of it, the Against Apion volume just recently came out. I recall (perhaps mistakenly) that it had originally been projected for two volumes, so it’s nice (particularly with Brill pricing) that it’s a single volume.

The following volumes of the Brill Josephus are available in paperback, with the others to follow, I suppose:
Steve Mason, Life
Louis Feldman, Antiquities 1-4

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