Music to Study New Testament Greek By


So, I’m doing a bit of studying for a New Testament Greek test while listening to the classic Stan Getz album, The Girl From Ipanema. Thanks to iTunes Match on my iPad! Very nice!

Also on tonight have been Depeche Mode, Violator; Hamza el Din, Eclipse; Djivan Gasparyan, Moon Shines at Night, and some other goodies.

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  1. Kevin:

    Just wanted to give your and your followers notice of the following:

    am glad to inform you that, provided I can have my text proof-read, corrected and theologically scrutinised by 1st March 2013, my English translation of the Septuagint will be published with the blessing of Archbishop Mark of Berlin, Germany and Great Britain (ROCOR) by the St Innocent of Moscow Press Indiana USA by September 2013.

    With best wishes for Great Lent,
    Yours in Christ,

    Just thought you should know.


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