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כָּל עֶרֶב מוֹצִיא אֱלהִים אֶת סְחוֹרוֹתָיו
הַמַּבְרִיקוֹת מֵחַלּוֹן הָרַאֲוָה
מַעֲשֵׂי מֶרְכָּבָה, לוּחוֹת בְּרִית, פְּנִינִים יָפוֹת
צְלָבִים וּפַעֲמוֹנִים זוֹהֲרִים
וּמַחֲזִיר אוֹתָם לְתוֹך אַרְגָּזִים אֲפֵלִים
בִּפְנִים וְסוֹגֵר אֶת הַתְּרִיס: “שׁוּב
“לא בָּא אַף נָבִיא אֶחָד לִקנוֹת


Every night God takes his glittering
merchandise out of his showcase—
holy chariots, tables of law, fancy beads,
crosses and bells—
and puts them back into dark boxes
inside and pulls down the shutters: “Again,
not one prophet has come to buy”


  1. And this Unicode Hebrew is pretty sucky too. The holem doesn’t work with normal consonants, only waw. And all the points with resh are too far left. I may start using the SBL font instead, for the blog, since it looks/works a whole lot better.

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