Missing Page in OTP

Reader Peter Scott brought to my attention that all except for the first printing of Charlesworth’s Old Testament Pseudepigrapha volume 2 are lacking the final page, page 919, which includes the final section of Pseudo-Hecataeus. The first printing included the page, but with an incorrect header of “Artapanus 23:28,” and including no footnotes, which seemed odd to me as the rest of the Hecataeus section was well-annotated. After contacting Random House, which didn’t have a copy of the page, I contacted Robert Doran, the original translator of and commentator on Pseudo-Hecataeus for the OTP volume. He has informed me that he has no record of any footnotes for the last page, having covered the story in the introduction, so the original printing was correct except for the header.

With all this in mind, I’ve created a page with the text from the first printing, correcting the header, and getting the format as close as possible to the original as I could. The page size is slightly smaller than the OTP page size, so that one might simply cut out the actual page, which I’ve outlined in gray, and it will easily fit into the volume without an icky white page so obviously tipped in.

The file is in pdf format, so that all might print it. It is also zipped, to save on download time.

Here it is . Enjoy the great story of Mosollamus the Jew!

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