1. Christ is risen!

    This is wonderful news, of course. Sadly, my copies of vols. I & II seem to have vanished from storage, so whenever I’m finally in a position to spend that kind of money, I’ll have to start again at the beginning. Augh!

  2. John, I’d certainly appreciate your help in scouting the used books field. Alas, my book-hunting sixth sense is not what it used to be.

    Kevin, O woe indeed! My heart dropped when I realized they were gone. You know, one year I went to check on the books and found that rust had caused the lock to open; who knows how long it had been like that. I’m not entirely sure some evildoer didn’t get in there and extract a box or three. Too much is missing!

    Anyway, yay Meier vol. IV! 😉

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