McDonald’s The Biblical Canon: update

Good news! Lee Martin McDonald has received word that his latest book, The Biblical Canon: Its Origin, Transmission, and Authority (Hendrickson, 2007), is going to be issued in a corrected reprinting in January or February 2008. Hopefully they’ll recall and destroy all the old copies! We’ve discussed the problems with the current printing of this book here, here, and here before. I’ve posted a small selection of quotes that I thought were particularly striking here.

So, if any readers were waiting to buy a copy, it will only be a couple of months more to wait. So that’s good news!


  1. It’d be nice if they gave those of us who already bought the 1st printing a copy of the corrected printing.

    Thank for the update.

    Bryan L

  2. You could write to Hendrickson’s and see if they’d consider a discount of some sort. I doubt they’d just give away copies of the new printing, though. I’m keeping mine, anyway, since it’s scrawled full of notes now. Take care!

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