Massive Book Sale

Loome Antiquarian Booksellers, which specializes in theological literature, is closing at the end of the year. Their extensive catalogue is currently 75% off, with rare books and manuscripts 25% off. The discount for non-rare books jumps to 90% off on 26 December.

I’ve bought several hard to find titles from Loome in the past, and am sad to see them go.

CLARIFICATION: Loome Theological Booksellers will still be around. Loome Antiquarian Booksellers was an expansion store located in another part of town. It’s still a good sale, fortunately not so foreboding as I’d thought. The sale applies only to Loome Antiquarian stock. Sorry for the scare!


  1. Yes, Kregel was a great one, too. I got several goodies from them. We’ve got a local place called Black Oak Books with large collections in theology/Biblical studies and classics. They’re not doing so well, and are floating hints that they may go under, trying to find a buyer. They were known, back in their heyday in the late 80s and 90s, for having well-known authors coming through for readings regularly, back when such a thing was rare, or typically limited to (insufferable) local writers. Once the “book tour” became a corporate thing mandated and managed by the publishing house with their chain bookstore affiliations, Black Oak (and other independent bookstores) no longer got the visits. Bibliophiles may be regular visitors, but most people need a reason to get them into a bookstore. Once Black Oak closes, in-person bookshopping around here will be severely diminished. It’ll be easier to move away at that point, when I find my beloved college town entirely bereft of a variety of good bookstores! True, Moe’s on Telegraph will still be there with its wealth of used books, and the Graduate Theological Union bookstore, just a couple blocks from home will do for the occasional find of a new title, but without that great old Black Oak, it’ll be more like winter than autumn, with all the leaves of all those books blown on some wind someplace one knows not where.

  2. That is terrible news. My heart positively dropped when I read about this. And I was just starting to really get into the “interesting” books they have available.

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