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Reader Kent has left a very helpful comment. Logos is producing an electronic edition of the Göttingen Septuaginta! There is a pre-pub special sale on for this resource, more than 50% off the retail price. All the currently available Göttingen Septuaginta volumes are included. The only page samples are page images from the printed volumes, but it sounds like the Logos editon is fully electronic, including both the text and the apparatus, with the Greek morphologically tagged. What an excellent resource! I shall have to pinch some pennies to pick this one up!


    1. Phil, the text will be different, for one thing. It’s an improvement on Rahlfs’ edition. Also, as James noted, it’ll include the apparatus, which is essentially comprehensive. Take a look at some of the sample pages and compare them to the Rahlfs edition and you’ll see the differences right away. The Göttingen Septuaginta is the Septuagint text, even though it’s been so difficult to come by, due to its price. It’s essential for any serious work on the Septuagint, though.

  1. Kevin,

    If you are a Mac user, I believe that Accordance is also working on one; they just don’t blast it loudly until they actually have something to show.

    Phil, it will have the apparatus.


    1. Right, James. Accordance is a fantastic thing. I was tempted to “go Mac” just for Accordance actually. Who knows, I may still. Now that Macs are Intel-based, it’s pretty easy to set up a dual-boot Mac/Win system: everything all in one! Nice!

  2. And, I might add, the print versions of the Göttingen Septuaginta run from $100-$300 each volume, so for the price of one or two of the print volumes, you could get the whole set of the Logos edition, just for pre-ordering early.

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