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Lectionaries Old and New

Lectionaries are wondrous things.  The way that various sections of text are interwoven with others, and
sometimes with songs and prayers, realize in their combination an effect on the spirit that the individual 
elements would not otherwise exert.  The amount of thoughtful, prayerful attention invested in their creation
and elaboration is clear in this effect.  

I came to begin collecting these and many other lectionaries (which will eventually be added to this site)
out of my curiosity regarding church readings of first the Old Testament, and then the apocrpypha and 
pseudepigrapha in lectionaries, in order to provide myself with a personal plan of study for those sets of
readings.  Finding such a variety of lectionaries was a pleasant surprise.  The lectionaries that I present
here therefore all contain readings of the Old Testament and/or apocrypha.

Please contact me with any suggestions or comments you may have.

Early Western Lectionaries

    Lectionary of Augustine of Hippo (dated readings) 

    Lectionary of Augustine of Hippo (undated readings)

    Lectionary of Ambrose of Milan

    Missale Ambrosianum

    Hispano-Mozarabic Lectionary (Liber Comicus)

    Gallican Lectionaries Comparison Chart


East Syrian Lectionaries

    Lectionary of the Church of the Forty Martyrs, Mesopotamia

    Lectionary of the Monastery of `Azīzā´el, Mesopotamia

    Comparison Table of the Forty Martyrs and `Azīzā´el Lectionaries

    An Early Syriac Lectionary (Burkitt)

    An East Syrian Kalendar and Lectionary (Maclean)

        (The same lectionary in Maclean's original format with notes)


Jerusalem Tradition Lectionaries 
All of these spring from the tradition of liturgical usage in Jerusalem, dating from between 417 
to 439 AD (Renoux and Conybeare) to about 700 AD (Tarchnischvili).  They offer a fascinating
glimpse of the lost wealth of a Christian culture in the Holy Land during the Byzantine period,
which culture was decimated eventually by Muslim restrictions.

    An Early Armenian Lectionary (Renoux) 

    Another Early Armenian Lectionary (Conybeare)

    The Georgian Lectionary (Tarchnischvili)


Modern Eastern Lectionaries

    The Greek Orthodox Lectionary

    Eastern Orthodox Psalm Reading Plan

    Eastern Orthodox New Testament Reading Plan  

    One-year NETS LXX Bible Reading Plan  

    2009 Eastern Orthodox Bible Reading Plan  

    The Coptic Lectionary


Modern Western Lectionaries

   Roman Catholic Tridentine Lectionary

Comparison tables of Anglican Book of Common Prayer 1979, Roman Catholic Lectionary for 
Mass 1998
, and the Revised Common Lectionary (I chose those colors because they are the 
colors of the covers of the editions which I used to put these tables together!):

    First Readings


    Second Readings

    Gospel Readings


Modern Bible Reading Plans

   Full NRSV one-year reading plans