Late summer cleaning

I’ve been pruning the blogroll bush to reflect my current reading habits more accurately. A number of blogs that I once was accustomed to checking daily have so dropped in frequency of posting as to be on extended hiatus, while others have simply closed up shop, so to speak, including a number of blogs written by fellow Eastern Orthodox Christians that I very much enjoyed, while others are threatening to do so. This, I must say, I feel to be a positive reflection on the spiritual state of those authors who’ve chosen to move away from blogging. Real life is, after all, not a collection of bits and photons, but of bodies and souls, the latter hopefully infinitely more luminous than their physical counterparts in the former pair.

I want also to welcome my new readers, of whom I’ve noticed there has been an increasing number lately. I’m happy to welcome you all, and will attempt to make it more worth your while with more frequent postings soon. Some rather pressing offline (i.e., real life) obligations make this difficult at the moment. I crave your patience, indulgence, and even your prayers, if one is permitted to be so blatantly greedy, particularly for a certain intention which I am far too nervous about to explicitly mention. I’m sure such will help. I am ever ready to reciprocate, of course, if you ask. I am far from a prayer warrior, more like a prayer sub-clerk to the third assistant quartermaster, but every little bit helps, as I know from the direct and surprising experience of immediately answered prayer, which is another story, for another time . . . .


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