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Right now, Google Blog Search and Technorati Links show absolutely no links to my blog at all. Nice. It’s not that no one has linked, because I just happened to see a few before they disappeared.

So, I’m sorry if I’m missing something that someone has posted in interaction with anything I’ve posted here. I’m not ignoring you. I’m just not receiving any notices through the increasingly useless Incoming Links widget.



  1. Kevin,

    Technorati Links are not working properly. Several people have linked my blog to their blogs but those links do not appear in Technorati.

    Send them an email and I will do the same. Maybe other people are having the same problem and they also should contact Technorati.

    This creates a problem for bloggers because you do not know who have linked to your blog.

    Claude Mariottini

  2. Thank you, Claude.

    The problem is also with Google Blog Search, which has yet to be a reliable indicator of activity. Unfortunately, it’s hard-coded into WordPress blogging software as the service to track incoming links. The things listed change from hour to hour, sometimes totally disappearing. It’s useless.

    I’ve always had trouble with Technorati, too. Usually it won’t even show updates to my blog, so that their listing is hundreds of days behind, even though I ping them with every post.

    It’s all a bit absurd.

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