I got me a . . .

Aaron Taylor at Logismoi has awarded me with a Superior Scribbler Award, for whatever reason.

Now, although there are a number of conditions attached to further spread this award, these strike me as too close to something of an electronic version of a chain letter. So, in this particular instance, the buck stops here. I can say that every writer I link to in my sidebar is someone I consider worthy of a Superior Scribbler Award, or I honestly wouldn’t read them or link to them. I can also say that I honestly had hoped to avoid one of these, as I didn’t want to have to be such a party-pooper in not creating more work for others. I am nonetheless thankful to Aaron for his appreciation and his kind comments.

The award originated with The Scholastic Scribe, that is, Melissa B., a high school journalism teacher. It’s a really fun idea, a peer-driven award based entirely and simply in reader appreciation.

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