Great Horologion List of Saints

One of the first books that I bought on my path to conversion to the Orthodox Church was Holy Transfiguration Monastery’s beautifully bound edition of The Great Horologion. This is essentially a Book of Hours designed for use at monastic services. I primarily bought it for the numerous lives of saints included in the volume. Even more numerous than the short lives given in the volume is the index of Saints and commemorations given in the end of the volume, with the dates on which these are commemorated in the Holy Church. There are 5,208 separate entries.

I typed up the list of these saints and their commemoration dates several years ago, and forgot about it until a comment from Aaron just this evening. Thinking it would take only a few minutes to make it presentable, I of course ended up spending three hours formatting the lists for two separate files, one listing the Saints alphabetically, the other listing by date of commemoration. Each file is 48 pages, for the printing-inclined. They’re also searchable. Please inform me of any typographical errors. I found quite a few this evening, but I’ll bet there are more.

I hope others will enjoy the list and find it useful.


    1. Not insane, just single and childless! I’ve also got a peculiar switch I can throw that gets me through such things pretty quickly, too. Such things are also good for typing practice.

  1. I am blessed to have a copy of the Horologion. Expensive and certainly not essential to a layman, but never decline it if offered to you as a gift!!



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