Gorgias Press Sale

Gorgias Press, publisher and distributor of innumerable titles related to Syriac and Eastern Christian studies, is having another Gorgias BiblioPerks sale through the end of 2009: 40% off! This is the same discount they offer to authors.

This is a very welcome sale, as there are many great things available from Gorgias, and they do wonderful work.

Note especially the new A Syriac Lexicon by Michael Sokoloff: every little scholarly boy’s dream present for 2009!

Happy shopping!


  1. Kevin,

    This is a real boon. I just got a couple of books from them about the Assyrian Church of the East and they are really precious resources.


  2. I saw the announcement and I’ve since been browsing through their online catalog. Sokoloff’s Lexicon is a real gem… and complete with CD. But out of my price range. 🙁 Its a good thing Gorgias released it as hardback- I imagine this will be a used for a long time and by a great many scholars.

  3. Oh. Oh. I am frightened to look through this site incase I die of happiness before I can ring the bank to find out what’s going to be left in my account after I’ve paid the electricity bill and bought the necessary vast quantities of cat food.

  4. Bekman, that’s too bad! But you can save a substantial amount on other books. There are so many really good things to choose from that you’re bound to find something.

    Margaret, never fear! You’ve two more months. And the Nativity Fast is coming anyway, so you’ll be eating less. One might always read by candlelight, after all. Miss Darcy and Miss Tilney will, I’m sure, thank you for your concern. So, either way: Happy Shopping!

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