The Tree

There was once a great tree, that had grown tall and bautiful in a distant land. All throughout the length of its life, its seeds had dropped to the ground and sprouted as many saplings. Yet they did not grow very large because the first tree covered and protected them from the fierceness of the sun. And there was a man who owned land next to the tree and the grove of its children, who was unhappy that so many trees were encroaching on his property. So, on a certain day, the man set fire to the great tree, and it burned fiercely, with its smoke rising to the highest heights of the sky, and more seeds shooting out from the tree like falling stars. And when the great tree was burnt, then all its seedlings grew to be great and mighty trees also, spreading their own seeds far and wide. And all of that man’s land, and all of that far distant country, were filled with the great trees.

That first tree is Christ.