Ending of Second Oration Against the Jews

Roger Pearse has posted and released to public domain a translation of the until recently missing ending of the Second Oration Against the Jews by St John Chrysostom. The full text of this second oration is known to exist in only one manuscript belonging to the Leimonos Monastery on the island of Lesvos in Greece. The discovery of the full text of the sermon is described by the intrepid explorer who found it, Wendy Pradels, here.

Please see Roger’s page of the footnoted and annotated English translation of the ending of Oration Two.

An English translation of the Second Oration (without the above “lost” section) is available at the Medieval Sourcebook, though it appears to lack the incomplete ending that, if memory serves, manifests itself in a sentence fragment. English translations of the other Orations Against the Jews are available on the same page.

Many thanks to Roger!


  1. Thank you very much for the kind words, Kevin! If anyone wants a copy or to host it, please feel free.

    The Fordham copy in the Medieval Sourcebook should get updated in the next week, I think — Paul Halsall is onto it and I sent him a stripped down version of the text.

    I don’t quite know where the join is between the existing material and the new bit. I wish I did.

  2. You’re doing a noble thing, Roger. It deserves praise!

    The lacuna in the PG text appears at the end of part II, section 8, into part III, section 1, according to Paul Harkins (p. 42 n. 29; FC 68). Section II.8 begins “The Law did profit our nature greatly….”, and the remnant that begins in III.1 is “…leave there your offering before the altar….” So, the Pradels passage fills that gap entirely.

    So, the mid-sentence failure I recalled occurs at the beginning of part III, not at the end. It’s really great to have this finally! If only that would happen more often!

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