You might have noticed a slight change to the appearance of this blog, or will have found out through the rude mechanism of the xml feed disappearing on you (pardon me while I snicker!). There are links to RSS2 feeds for the Posts and Comments in the sidebar.

Anyhow, like Tyler at Codex, I’ve changed the blog from running on Blogger to WordPress. This will entail some more tweaking to get things entirely as I like them, but it’s already clear that this is a much better blogging engine than Blogger, even if it’s not quite as easy to use. Overall, though, I’m quite happy with the results!

So, if anyone runs across some part of the blog that’s not working correctly, please let me know. I’ll (try to) fix it.

UPDATE 26 Feb 4:00 PM:
The multiply talented and ever-helpful Tyler sent me the incantation bowl spell that will forward the folks using my old feed to the new one. Nifty! So, I hope you can all see this, or I’ll have to break another bowl….

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  1. I also will be tinkering with the oh-so-nifty Categories. Right now each post is in only one category, but can be in several.

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