Caveat scriptor!

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a short review of Lee Martin McDonald’s new book The Biblical Canon: Its Origin, Transmission, and Authority (Hendrickson, 2007). He has just left a comment indicating he’s been working on a list of corrections to be incorporated in the second printing, thankfully. Take a look at his comments there. Also, for those of you who publish, it would apparently be quite a good thing for you to remember never to assume your editor knows anything more than where to put commas.


  1. Do you think that a simple set of corrections will be sufficient to salvage the book? It seemed from your review that you felt that more fundamental issues needed to be addressed.

  2. I’m optimistic. My earlier review doesn’t adequately convey my sense of astonishment mingled with bewilderment that I felt in reading it. McDonald’s other work isn’t like that at all, which is why I was so surprised. Knowing that author and publisher are committed to such correction work so soon after its release allays my concerns completely.

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